Widow Tells Grieving In-Laws She’s Pregnant With Twins Then Disappears On Due Date — Family Say She Faked It For 9 Months

Her sister says she can't conceive.

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The grieving parents of a man shot dead in February found a glimmer of hope in the news that their daughter-in-law was pregnant with twins, conceiving weeks before her husband’s death.

However, the joy has been shattered once more after learning that the woman lied about the pregnancy for 9 months.

Elizabeth Jasso is now missing after disappearing on her due date as her family and in-laws search for answers about her disappearance and the pregnancy they believe she faked.


What happened to Elizabeth Jasso?

Jasso disappeared in Baytown, Texas on the morning of August 5. She was seen leaving her home in her white BMW on her neighbor’s surveillance footage and was last seen at her husband’s gravesite.

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Elizabeth Jasso was due to give birth to twin boys.

The family of Jasso’s late-husband believed she was 40 weeks pregnant and due to give birth to twin boys at any moment.

"They took my son, but I was going to be blessed with two boys," said Blanca Gonzalez, the mother of Jasso's husband, after her disappearance.

Jasso’s hospital bag was still in her home after she went missing as her mother-in-law desperately feared for the safety of her grandchildren and their mother.

Elizabeth Jasso’s family claim she was never pregnant.

To Gonzalez’s shock, Jasso’s sister and father soon came forward with allegations that the 31-year-old was never pregnant.


"The sister and the father said that, 'You know she wasn't pregnant,'" Jasso’s cousin-in-law said. "They figured that she was faking the pregnancy. She couldn't even have kids."

Jasso even reportedly faked a maternity photoshoot which included superimposed images of her late husband.

Baytown Police Department believe Jasso may be experiencing a crisis in the aftermath of her husband’s death.


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Jasso’s husband was shot dead in February.

Milko Jasso was shot dead on February 17. He had, reportedly, been engaged in a physical confrontation with a 20-year-old woman and her 36-year-old boyfriend at their home in Baytown.

Now, his family say they feel betrayed by his wife and her fraudulent pregnancy.

"I just feel that whenever she sees this, I hope you're alright," Jasso’s cousin-in-law said. "I hope you're okay, by all means. But that you get evaluated somehow. That her family evaluates her with everything that she's going through. Whatever she's dealing with."


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