Why A Groom Shot His Best Friend On His Wedding Day While Still Wearing His Tux

Not your typical wedding day...

Groom Shoots Friend On Wedding Day St. John's Parish Police Department

What should have been one of the happiest days of Devin Jose Jones’ life quickly became the most disastrous as his wedding day ended with his arrest.

While still in his tuxedo after marrying his new bride, Jones was arrested after allegedly shooting a man he believes had an affair with his wife — his close friend — while stuck in traffic on the Bonnet Carre Spillway in New Orleans.

Devin Jose Jones shot his friend on his wedding day over cheating suspicions. 

On Saturday, July 31, Jones was caught in a traffic jam with his wife following an unrelated car crash.  


According to police, Jones got into a heated discussion with his wife and another male passenger, accusing the man of having an affair with his bride. 

Jones got out of the car and began shooting, hitting his friend in the leg and striking the hand of another driver who was caught in traffic in an adjacent car. 

Both men are being treated in hospital for injuries but are expected to recover fully. 

Other guests who had attended the wedding were in surrounding cars having left the wedding reception in Kenner, La.

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Jones’ wife sheltered in a nearby ambulance.

After Jones began shooting, his wife ran from the vehicle and found refuge with first responders who were dealing with the car accident nearby. 

Paramedics allowed the bride — who remains anonymous — to hide in an ambulance but Jones soon arrived, banging on doors and trying to reach her. 

“In the craziness of things I’ve seen in 33 years, that’s going to be a top 10, maybe even a top five,” said St. John Parish Sheriff Mike Tregre. 

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Jones was arrested and charged. 

Police quickly arrested Jones and charged him  with attempted murder, aggravated battery, illegal use of weapons and aggravated criminal damage to property, according to the sheriff’s arrest report.


An off-duty officer who was also in the traffic jam jumped into action after hearing the commotion.

“One of my deputies who was off-duty in his car with his family heard the call over the radio, left his family and was one of the primary officers to make the apprehension of Mr. Jones on the interstate,” Tregre says. 

Jones’ cheating allegations are unconfirmed. 

Whether or not the cheating allegations are true remains unclear but the incident captures the disastrous consequences of choosing extreme anger over communication.

“The old saying goes, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ and it seems applicable to men as well,” says relationship and love coach Ronnie Ryan


“Emotions always spike over cheating and betrayal. Add that to the emotional state of people on their wedding day and it must have been like the perfect storm causing this horrid tragedy. Some people react with violence when angry, blinded by their intense emotions, without thinking of the repercussions.”

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