Is Lil Xan's Girlfriend Faking Her Pregnancy?

The details around her pregnancy have changed since Lil Xan announced it.

Is Lil Xan's Girlfriend Faking Her Pregnancy? Instagram

Three months after Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus broke up, word broke that Lil Xan had moved on. Annie Smith posted about Diego (his real name is Nicholas Diego Leanos; he also goes by Diego) shortly before he entered rehabSince then, he has been featured often on her Instagram, though her account does not have many posts. Lil Xan doesn’t have many, either. He is currently posting photos from his tour in Europe.


On a sweet post made on Valentine’s Day, Annie paid tribute to her fiance. The comments on the photo, however, are blocked. They’re blocked for her posts on Feb. 24 and Feb. 27 as well. She is responding to backlash against her pregnancy by limiting social media interaction on her fans’ end.

The backlash comes from rumors that Annie is faking her pregnancy. She spoke with E! News on Feb. 26 to confirm that the pregnancy is real.

Is Lil Xan's girlfriend faking her pregnancy? And if not, why would her fans think she is faking it? Here are details about her relationship with Lil Xan, and the timeline of their baby news.


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1. Lil Xan first announced Annie was pregnant on Feb. 17.

He posted a similar photo to Annie’s Valentine’s Day pic; it’s his first photo on his account.


The father-to-be shared his excitement for his upcoming “crazy journey,” and also mentioned his work on his sophomore album “BE SAFE.” Overall, he expressed his gratitude towards his fiancee.

“Thank you for saving me i love you more then [sic] words could describe,” he said.


2. Then Annie posted a YouTube video that she was at 9 weeks with pictures.

On Feb. 22, she posted a nearly 11-minute video to her Youtube channel titled “FIRST BABY PICTURES!!”

In the video, she explains that she had visited a doctor “for a different reason.” They checked on the baby and found she was a little further along than they originally thought.

“We saw the baby for the first time today,” she says in the video as she pulls up ultrasound images. She then shows them to the person filming. “I think the baby looks like Diego,” she says as she zooms in.


Lil Xan says he’s already in love with the baby, then asks Annie how she’s feeling. “I am very excited,” she replies. “This is like, the best thing that’s ever happened, no offense.”

“I’m kidding!” she quickly adds, “You’re the best thing--you gave me the baby.”

3. An Instagram user called her out for pulling the photos from Google.

All was well shortly after the video came out, with many fans congratulating the couple. Then an Instagram account, Xanarchy Tea, which posts “tea/news/drama” about all things Lil Xan, made a post on Feb. 23 that compared the ultrasound photos from Annie’s video to photos that come up on Google Images after searching “week 9 ultrasound.”

The account took it a step further on Feb. 26 after posting texts that claimed the couple had stolen ultrasound photos from “another YouTube couple who had a miscarriage” in 2009.


Overall, the account claims they are looking for proof. After their original post gained a lot of attention, the account edited its caption. They acknowledged they “don’t know anything about pregnancies and ultrasounds,” and that they “...reallyyy wanna believe they wouldn’t lie about things like this” they can’t ignore they never showed a pregnancy test, or Annie getting the ultrasound done.

“Again I’m not saying any of this is unusual but it shows there’s no proof of any of this and puts the possibility of this being completely fake, still out there.”


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4. Annie is upset her happy news has become a “negative thing.”

Annie told E! News she does not feel as though she needs to explain herself to anyone, but addressed the rumors head-on.


oh hey  @xanxiety

A post shared by ANNIE SMITH (@anniiesmith) on Feb 27, 2019 at 8:59am PST

“When I posted my YouTube video with my ultrasound pictures, a girl (I’m not going to comment on who) photoshopped them with another person’s name, year, birthday etc, and uploaded them to Google.”


5. She’s now going to keep her pregnancy on the DL.

Although the video in question opens with overlaying text saying “ANNIE - VLOG 1,” the vlogs are at least going to be on hold for a while. Annie said she’s going to take a step back from social media.

“I’m traveling [with Lil Xan on his tour] and stressed at the moment so I think for the baby and myself it’s best to stay in a positive environment. I really am just staying off the internet for the time being because it’s really sad for me to see these things.”

6. Noah Cyrus seems to have reacted to the baby news, too.

It’s unclear whether she was directly responding to her ex’s announcement, but she posted to Instagram two times on Feb. 18. One post was to her story: she is holding her face in her hand with an emotional expression, alongside the text “whata day.”


Then she posted a selfie with the caption, “i WILL be happy if its the last thing i do.”


i WILL be happy if its the last thing i do.

A post shared by NC (@noahcyrus) on Feb 18, 2019 at 2:22pm PST

The two broke up just five months before Annie’s baby news, and four months after Annie and Lil Xan got engaged.


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