Bride And Groom Spark Criticism For Having Wedding Staff Work Behind Hidden Grass Wall

Some people thought it was a genius idea, while others were unimpressed.

woman getting champagne at wedding from staff behind grass wall littlewhitetees / TikTok

When it comes to weddings, many brides and grooms try to go above and beyond in the decor and experience for their guests. However, one newlywed couple is being criticized for how the hired staff interacted with their guests.

In a TikTok video, Tay Little shared that she had been a guest at a wedding where the bar was hidden behind a huge wall. Without having to speak, or even look at the bartender, the guests were able to order and receive drinks, which didn't sit well with viewers.


The bar staff at the wedding were hidden behind a huge grass wall, which many people felt was 'dehumanizing.'

"Pov: there's a champagne wall at the wedding you're at," Little wrote in overlay text. In the short clip, she is seen approaching a huge grass wall with a sign saying that guests can order champagne in front of it.

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Instead of speaking to any of the bartending staff, or even being able to see them, Little rings a bell on top of the grass wall. Upon ringing it, a hand covered in a white glove opens a small door and produces a flute of champagne.


bride and groom criticized for having huge grass wall for bar staffPhoto: TikTok

Taking the glass from the bartender, Little smiles, clearly impressed by the entire set-up before walking away.

Many viewers were divided on how they felt about the entire experience, with some pointing out that it must be problematic for the server having to stand behind the grass wall.

"I'm so torn because I love this as the server and the guest, but it’s also quite odd and seems dehumanizing," one TikTok user pointed out, while another user added, "I wouldn't trust that. Way too behind the scenes for me. I need to see you pour my drinks."


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A third user joked that if they worked behind the grass wall as a server, they would just be drinking all the time since no one would be able to see them: "As the bartender, I would be drinking that champagne heavily behind that wall."

"Imagine standing there with a champagne glass in hand just waiting for someone to ring the bell," a fourth user remarked.



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However, other people defended the bride and groom's choice to have a grass wall at their wedding.

Some other viewers found the entire grass wall idea pretty genius, especially for bartenders and servers who may find it difficult to speak with patrons.

"This would be the coolest thing, [you] could chill behind the wall and watch TV and just produce a glass when the bell rings," one TikTok user pointed out.

Another user insisted that if they worked as a bartender, this would be the ideal situation for them. "People are saying this is sad but if I was the worker I’d wanna do this [because] I’m an introvert."

"This is far from sad, I'd prepare a bunch of glasses to serve and just be on my phone while keeping an ear out for the bell," a third user claimed.


Little even defended the newlywed couple, sharing that she's previously worked at a wedding that had a wall dividing her from the wedding guests when serving them alcohol. "I was a server in the past and have actually been on the other side handing out champagne before."

"So fun & a nice change from regular wedding service!"

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