Groom Faces Backlash For Being 'Glued' To His Phone As He & His Bride Walk Down The Aisle

He focused entirely on his phone screen, and not his beautiful wife.

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Cynthia Umunze removed a post she put on TikTok of her wedding, presumably because of the negative commentary she received.

The post showed Umunze with the man she married, walking back down the aisle after their wedding ceremony. Umunze smiled radiantly at the guests; her husband stared down at his phone.

The wedding guests were quick to congratulate the happy bride, but her husband didn't once look up from his phone.


The groom faced major backlash for being glued to his phone while he and his bride walked down the aisle.

The video was reposted by the hosts of an Australian radio show, Fitzy Wippa with Kate. The hosts offered their own commentary on the groom, railing against him for being on his phone during one of the most memorable moments of his life.

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As the hosts explained, “As she’s walking back down the aisle, her husband is holding her hand; with his left hand, he’s on his phone checking messages.”



As the bride and groom opened the doors to the wedding venue, he took his attention away from his phone, though he still held the device in his hand. The bride wore a frustrated expression on her face, and as she turned to say something to him, he responded with an equally annoyed look, while still holding onto the phone.

The bride greeted the wedding guests while the groom didn’t acknowledge anyone, keeping his eyes on his phone.

A majority of the comments acknowledged just how heartbreaking the experience must have been for the bride, yet certain people called out the radio hosts for how they chose to respond — not only by exploiting the wife's sadness but also by blaming her for how her husband behaved.


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The female host stated, “I’ve got a feeling if you can’t keep your husband’s attention while you’re walking down the aisle after just being married, you have got no hope beyond that.”

“It’s not her responsibility to keep his attention,” explained one person in the comments. “It’s wrong to put the blame on the wife as if she’s the reason he’s being disrespectful.”

“The woman worded it so weirdly,” said someone else. “‘Keep’ his attention? Sounds like she’s blaming that poor woman for her husband’s actions.”


“The way the woman worded it sounded like shifting the blame to the wife,” stated another person.

Internalized misogyny, as the radio host exhibited, is an endemic part of modern society. For anyone to believe that it’s a woman’s responsibility to navigate her husband’s behavior is to take all responsibility off of the man in question for behaving poorly.

A wedding is supposed to be a day of celebration for both people getting married. Yet it appears as though this couple’s wedding hints at a future of disappointment for the wife, as a direct result of her husband’s inability to take accountability for how his actions negatively affect his partner.


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