Waitress Confronts Teen Customers Outside After They Wrote The Word 'Black' On The Gratuity Line Instead Of Leaving A Tip

"Is that your favorite color or something?"

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After a waitress served a group of teenagers, she was left perplexed by what they chose to write on the gratuity line instead of leaving an actual tip. 

When her shift was over, she discovered the group still outside of the restaurant and decided to approach them and ask about what they wrote on the receipt. 

The waitress confronted the teenage customers after they wrote the word ‘black’ on the gratuity line instead of leaving a tip. 

While it's certainly not required, tipping your servers at least 20% of the bill at restaurants is considered as an appropriate gesture, especially if they provided good service. Unfortunately, the waitress, named Amira, did not get the tip she was expecting after serving a group of teenage boys at the restaurant she works at. 


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In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 300,000 times, Amira reveals what she received from the boys instead when she looked at the gratuity line on their tab. 

While sitting in her car after her shift ended, the waitress explains that one of her tables consisted of a group of teenage boys. “They’re a little bit rude, but I just go about my shift serving them and getting them what they want,” she says. 



While Amira was not expecting a big tip, claiming that she usually receives “sh-–-y tips from teenagers,” she was confused that the boys just wrote the word “black” on the gratuity line for the $33.79 order instead. 


Waitress Confronts Teens Who Wrote The Word 'Black' On The Gratuity Line Instead Of Leaving A TipPhoto: TikTok

“I’m very confused,” she says. However, as she sat in her car trying to make sense of it, she spotted the teenagers sitting outside the restaurant eating ice cream. She decided to take the opportunity to ask them what exactly they meant. 

In a follow-up video, Amira secretly records her interaction with the boys. “Hey guys, I just want a little bit of clarification,” she asks. “What does this mean?” she says, pointing to where they wrote “black” on the receipt. 




Initially the boys, certainly not expecting to be confronted, answer “I don’t know,” until one of them claims that he wrote it because he is Black. “I’m talking about me,” he says.

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Amira’s next question takes the boys off guard. “Okay, so you’re Black, therefore you don’t have to tip?” she asks. 


Feeling uncomfortable by the situation, the boy offers to tip the waitress right then and there. However, Amira initially declines, still not receiving an answer to her question. “I just want to know why you wrote that,” she says. 

The teenage boy fails to give her an exact answer but claims that he wanted to “warn” her he was going to write it. 

Waitress Confronts Teens Who Wrote The Word 'Black' On The Gratuity Line Instead Of Leaving A TipPhoto: TikTok


He then offers her a cash tip, which Amira accepts before thanking them and walking away. 

The waitress was not the only person left confused by the teenager’s motives.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with them but I loved how you embarrassed them,” one user commented.

“These types of kids think they’re so hilarious over something that doesn’t make any sense,” another user pointed out. 


At least Amira was still able to receive a tip out of it.

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