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High School Allegedly Decides Not To Release PSAT Scores So Students Below Top 1% Wouldn't Get Their Feelings Hurt

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Christy Faith, students taking test at their desks in school

Schools in Virginia are reportedly withholding their student's test scores as a way to promote empathy for the ones who probably didn't do so well.

In a TikTok video, Christy Faith, an educator, detailed a "national merit scandal" happening to a few high schools in Northern Virginia, which has angered many parents and students alike.

Virginia high schools decide not to release PSAT scores so students below the top 1% won't get their feelings hurt.

In Faith's video, she claimed that school officials in the state had been withholding the students' PSAT scores.

"So kids who were National Merit semifinalists, we're talking the top 1% in the nation, were never informed," Faith alleged.



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She continued, reading reports from an article written by The Hill, which stated that Virginia school officials decided to keep the test scores to themselves "for fear that it might hurt the feelings of students who did not receive the award."

"Some articles were saying that it was done in the name of equity," she continued, adding that while it started off being one school, it's now reportedly "14 schools" who are withholding PSAT scores from their students.

Faith added that there is now an active "investigation for unlawful discrimination because [many] colleges give out full-ride scholarships solely based on national merit."

"I know for a fact these kids study so hard," she remarked. "Because they were never informed that they were semifinalists they missed the deadline."

"So, a bunch of kids, even though they earned the honor, will never get an opportunity for college scholarships."

Parents of Virginia students have begun protesting the withholding of PSAT scores.

According to ABC News, a horde of parents whose children attend several high schools in Virginia withholding their test scores have begun protesting in response.

The issue of the student's scores first became public knowledge in January 2023.

Multiple parents accused Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County of not telling students they had received National Merit recognition to avoid upsetting others who had not.

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The National Merit Scholarship Program is a national academic competition for high school students administered by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Students can qualify by achieving a high score on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, or PSAT.

In the fall, schools are supposed to notify students whether or not they were recognized as a student who scored in the top percentile. 

By refusing to alert these students, many of them will miss out on deadlines for early-decision college applications, or the chance to be awarded scholarships.

According to WJLA, Fairfax County Superintendent Dr. Reid is continuing to meet face-to-face with parents to listen to their concerns at Thomas Jefferson, Westfield, and Langley high schools.

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