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Mom Buys Her Son's Teacher One Of Every Pencil In Walmart After He Got In Trouble For Breaking One & 'Disrespecting Adults'

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Mom buys teacher new pencils after her son gets written up for lack of respect for others' property

Porschia, a mom of 6, had an unorthodox response to her son getting "written up" by a teacher.

She claims in a TikTok that her son was reprimanded for sleeping, disrespecting adults, and having a lack of respect for others' property.

The first of the two accusations caused Porschia to give her son an undisclosed punishment at home but what really got to Porschia was the paragraph her son’s teacher wrote on the slip about why he got written up for disrespecting others’ property.

She says her son was written up for breaking his teacher's pencil that he was borrowing, and “she admitted it and he admitted it, that it was an accident that it broke.”

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Her 'nasty nice' response was to buy the teacher an abundance of pencils.

Because of the tone of this paragraph, and the tone of the teacher's additional email, Porschia decided to go to Walmart to buy every pencil in the store to give to the teacher as a gift.



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Porschia claims, “It was a yellow pencil that was 12 cents so since she decided to dedicate an entire paragraph to me about that pencil, I went to Walmart and I got her every single pencil that Walmart had to offer at 10:00 at night.”

The TikTok video shows her filling up a gift bag with the pencils, as well as a $15 Starbucks gift card because, as she says, “that’s what you call being nice nasty.”

She also gifted the teacher three pairs of earphones because he was borrowing the ones she had in class instead of bringing his own.

The comments on the original video are turned off, but it seems many were more worried about the disrespect than the pencils. 

In a follow-up video, Porschia responded to a comment that said “We skipped over that disrespect and spent a whole video about pencils! Smmfh.”

She explained why her son was written up for disrespect and emphasized that he is being punished for it.

“Yes he was definitely wrong for talking back to her, he was definitely wrong for sleeping in class, we addressed this. The point of the video was she pressed about these pencils. Baby, you about to get these pencils back ten-fold.”

She explains that her son has autism and ADHD and that, due to a change in his medication, he has been sleepy during the day.

She jokingly claims that she is going to send the teacher every pencil the state of Texas has.

This way her son doesn’t ever have to ask her for a pencil and “no other child has to feel like you’re gonna write them up for breaking a pencil cause it’s a pencil!”

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Comments on the follow-up video agree that the issue was not as big as the teacher made it out to be.

One says, “I mean ‘what’ is a natural instinct when waking up”

“But she even said he broke it on ACCIDENT girl she need to chill”, another adds.

“Nah outside of that the teacher was being petty so the favor was returned”, says a third.

Thanks to Porschia's generous — and slightly passive-aggressive gift — the issue has been resolved and her son should have no trouble finding a pencil in class to use again.

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