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Mom Wonders If She Is Wrong For Siding With Her Housekeeper Who Her Son Accused Of Stealing

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mother sides with her housekeeper over son

This mother went to Reddit to ask if she is a bad mom after her husband reprimanded her for not believing her son, Jeremy, over her housekeeper. 

This mother explains how she found her jewelry in her housekeeper’s purse after her son accused her of stealing — but she didn't buy his story..

“I got a call from Jeremy while he was having friends over telling me he saw the house keeper sneak one of my jewelry into her purse and asked me to come home immediately.”   

After searching the housekeeper’s purse, she found her jewelry, “I went home and was mad, I talked to the house keeper and she denied putting anything in her purse, I demanded to see her purse and my jewelry was there.”

However, the housekeeper swore she didn’t take it and didn't know how it got in her purse.

The mom immediately believed the housekeeper and confronted her son about it.

The reason she immediately believed her housekeeper was because similar instances have happened before. The mom mentioned that her son is a prankster and enjoys pulling pranks on people.

“He did stuff like throw her purse, hide her wallet and got punished for it then told to not do it again.”

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After her son explained how he saw the housekeeper take the jewelry, one of his friends confessed that he saw Jeremy put the jewelry in the housekeeper’s purse. 

“Jeremy yelled at his friend then told me it was just one of his pranks but I was furious, I kicked the rest of his friends who covered for him out and I punished him hard and apologized to the house keeper.”

Her husband claimed that she “was not being a good mother.”

The woman later told her husband about everything, however, her husband didn’t take her side

“My husband reacted unexpectly after he heard and said that I was wrong for choosing to believe the house keeper over our son even though there was a witness.”

He further suggested that their son could’ve been framed, “He said his friend must've said this to get him in trouble or because the house keeper paid him to side woth her.” 

He thinks, as a mother, she should’ve believed him no matter the situation.

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“I was not being a good mother and my first instinct is to always believe my son…never ever question him in front of his friends like that,” the father suggested.

Many people commented claiming the mother wasn’t wrong.

Some users commented saying that the mother was being a good mother by not blindly believing her son.

“As a 'good mother,' your instinct should be to raise your kids to be responsible adults, not to just believe everything they say.”

Many comments also claimed that what Jeremy did wasn’t just a prank and that there may be more to his behavior. 

One user commented, “If you do not nip this in the bud now and get him psychological help he needs, there will be consequences… Your son not only did something that was mean, he did something purposefully cruel to a woman in a subservient position to his parents.”

Another user commented, “Your son isn’t just playing pranks, he is messing with someone’s livelihood. He is also ensuring that no one will believe him if something does happen… Your husband needs to think about what it means to be a parent.”

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