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Bride Asks Facebook If She Should Tell Sister To Cover Up Her Tattoo In Case It 'Ruins' Her Wedding

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Every bride has a vision in mind for her wedding but that doesn't mean you get to police how other people look on their wedding day.

Reddit users have been debating a Facebook post shared by a bride who thinks her sister's tattoo of cherries could be the reason for her wedding’s downfall.

A screenshot of the post, which was shared in a Facebook group, was posted to Reddit’s “r/weddingshaming” subreddit which has opened the doors for debate on the issue.

The bride wants her sister to cover up her tattoo for the wedding. 

The bride suggested her sister wear full sleeves for the ceremony but she is refusing to do so. She wants to convince her sister nicely to cover up but is still quite angry at her decision.

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Her post read, “How do I politely say either she wears a dress with sleeves, uses makeup to cover it up, or I’ll have to find someone to take her place in the bridal party because I don’t want these in the pictures I’m paying over $3k for.”


Her mother offered a solution and stated that she could carry a bouquet of flowers for the day, however, the bride wasn’t pleased by it as she didn’t think it would cover the tattoo. 

After seeing the post, many people criticized the bride and thought she was overreacting.

Over on Reddit, one user wrote, “Frankly, I don't see how ‘OMG! Tattoos in the photos! My wedding pics are ruined!’ is a position that deserves any respect whatsoever.”

Another user wrote, “I can’t imagine being the type of person who would replace my sister in my wedding party over a tattoo. Your wedding party is supposed to reflect the people closest to you, not who you think looks best in a photo.”

“I absolutely hate brides that act like this. If someone else’s tattoo/hair/weight/pregnancy showing in the photos is enough to ruin your entire wedding, you’re the problem,” another user commented.

Many people thought that since it was the bride’s day, her sister should just listen to her.

One user wrote, “Might be unpopular. But asking people to [wear] long sleeves to cover up a tattoo doesn’t seem like that big a deal. I hope they can talk it out. Of course, shaming people on social media doesn’t go a long way towards achieving that goal.”

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“I mean most people consider it acceptable for the bride to pick at least the general color and look of the bridesmaids' outfits,” another user continued.

“It’s not totally out of line to extend that to [ask] them to cover tattoos. If it’s done in a respectful way. What stands out to me about this is that the sister got the tattoo after agreeing to be a bridesmaid.”

Another person wrote, “I feel like this actually would be covered by holding the bouquet. They’re usually held in the middle/lower chest area with arms bent inwards.”

Additionally, many people offered a simple solution even if her sister’s tattoo showed up in the wedding pictures.

One person commented, “If you’re paying 3K for photos, your photographer should be more than capable of photoshopping it out.”

Another person wrote, “A photographer could edit it out if it’s really that big of a deal. Personally, it would not bother me in the slightest but if it really matters that people’s skin [is] as bare as the day they were born, just ask the photographer to edit it.”

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