Woman Shares Video Of Father Slapping Son In Public & Says Police Did Nothing

She tried to intervene.

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A woman's video of a man acting aggressively toward his son has prompted outrage online after it was shared across several social media sites.

The woman claims to have witnessed the attack before calling the police but says authorities failed to reprimand the man.

The video shows a father hitting his son over the head in public.

In the video, the father is approached by witnesses after the incident but appears to dismiss their concerns.


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The woman claims the police were called but they did nothing.

In an updated video on TikTok, the woman says watched the father remove his kids from a gym where they were playing.


She said, “When he pulled them out of the gym, he threw them on the ground and said, ‘I told you guys already to stop coming this way.’”



The kids then got up from the ground and started walking.

However, the dad grabbed the older son by his neck and pushed him against the wall.

The woman continued, “He told him, ‘do you want to act like a f--king grown man? I can treat you like a f--king grown man.’”


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After that, the father slapped him which was caught on camera by the woman, the cops were called but allegedly did not detain the man.

“They actually walked him to the front to get his statement," she said. "They didn’t arrest him, they didn’t do anything. They just let him go.”

One user wrote, “Whether you're for or against corporal punishment, this father was in the wrong when he began disciplining his child in public while he was angry.”

Another user wrote, “Cops are 4x more likely to commit domestic violence than the general population. Why would they do anything? It's normal for them.”


One user wrote, “Tough discipline is fine but it's a fine line between discipline and abuse. The man in this video crosses that. You don't slap a kid that hard.”

Many people also refuted that opinion while still believing that what the father did was wrong, claiming that it’s only child abuse if there is damage or lasting harm to the child.

Some people thought that slapping the kid is just a way of disciplining them and that the dad didn’t do anything wrong.


“Letting your kids go completely unchecked is much worse parenting than the occasional slap to keep them in line,” one person commented. “I don't even resent being slapped as a kid. Probably a better person because of it.”

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