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Woman Confronts A Father On Camera After Allegedly Seeing Him Hit His Young Daughter Over The Head

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A video recording of a confrontation that occurred at the Northlake Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, is going viral after a woman recorded a confrontation with the parents of a child she claims is being abused.

Many people are calling the woman brave for recording the video, standing up for the “3 or 4-year-old daughter,” and doing something in a situation where most people would have just gone about their business.

The TikTok video shows her accusing the parents of abuse and intervening to protect the girl.

She said that she would call CPS on the parents for abusing their daughter in public and that they would go to jail.

“I’ve never seen a man physically abuse a child in public I witnessed him tell his 3 or 4-year-old daughter to stfu and then hit her in the head,” she captioned her video. 

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“She almost fell to the floor. I told him that’s not cool. Why would you do that? This was the mother and father immediate reaction.”



The woman, who made this TikTok account (@nicknick1488) for the sole purpose of spreading awareness of the incident while remaining anonymous, started recording the video right after confronting the parents.

“Did you see? He actually just hit her,” she asked the alleged mother of the two children standing behind them.

“Yeah, that’s her daddy,” replied the mother, while the father yelled the same thing in agreement.

In just 48 hours, the video has gotten over 3.7 million views, over 602 thousand likes, and more than 31.2 thousand comments all discussing what happened in the video and what comes next.

“You’re abusing your daughter in public,” the woman recording said, to which the mother responded, “you’re about to get your a-- abused if you keep f---ing talking.”

Both the mother and father spent the next three minutes yelling at the kiosk worker — berating her for what she was wearing or what she looked like.

The woman remained steadfast and waited for security to arrive, repeating the things she had been saying the whole time — “you’re going to jail” or “you’re abusing your daughter in public.”

At a certain point, the mother tried to talk to her “woman to woman,” and attempted to reason for the family to leave the situation.

“It’s my daughter’s birthday,” she said, “so I’m not going to waste [anymore] time on you, but all I’m asking you to do is do whatever you need to do and let us go, okay? It's her birthday.”

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The security guards arrive shortly after the mother tried to appeal to the woman’s human nature, the parents then flipped the switch and tried to deny that they would ever hit their daughter.

“This girl’s trying to tell me that I hit my [expletive] daughter,” the father yelled at the security guard.

The security guard guides the family away from the kiosk to avoid further conflict.

The woman continues to record, in a video detailing the incident further, she said this was because “I had to protect myself in case something went down.”

Once it seemed like the family had finished talking with security about what had transpired, they passed the kiosk where the woman was recording again.

The daughter walked up to the counter and called the woman a “bum b---h,” but many people believe that they can hear the father whisper in her ear, telling her to “say it.”

The woman even responded by saying, “did your father tell you to say that?” which the girl denied.

“Imagine what happens behind close doors,” said a comment on the very first video.

Since the incident occurred on Saturday, she said that she wasn’t able to call CPS but that she would first thing today.

She has not posted an update about the situation since then.

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