‘We Must All Leave Earth:’ Man Shares Video Of His Amazon Alexa Chanting Odd Message At Night

Technology keeps getting creepier day by day.

Amazon Alexa Charles Brutlag/Shutterstock/TikTok

The debate about technology taking over human life remains a controversial subject among many people, and Amazon’s Alexa technology is no exception.

In fact, it might be at the top of the list after one man shared a video of how his Amazon Alexa woke him up in the middle of the night.

The man posted a video of his Amazon Alexa waking him up with a creepy message.

A TikToker shared a video on his account where he was sleeping in a dark room but woke up due to a disturbance from Amazon’s Alexa.


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His Amazon Echo Dot randomly spoke up in the middle of the night which can only be seen as creepy.

“Are you awake? Wake up. Wake up,” it started, before continuing. “It’s time. Prepare. We must all leave earth.”


The man asked Alexa to repeat the message but, the device wasn’t able to do that. The man tried it again, but Alexa kept repeating the same thing.

The device said, “You don’t have any new notifications.”

Alexa's creepy message scared many people online.

Many people expressed their fear after seeing the man’s Echo Dot and mentioned how they don’t trust such devices.

“I’m scared to have those devices in my house,” one user wrote.

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Many people also connected the creepy message of Alexa to be related to supernatural events.

One user wrote, “Let me remind you that other worlds can communicate with the living through technology.”


“Your Alexa app has a record of all notifications. If there is nothing there, be praying cause that had to be supernatural,” another user commented.

Many other people shared their experiences with their technological devices.

This video reminded other people of similar experiences they've have with their own technology, sharing it in the comments.

One user commented, “I've heard mine [Amazon Echo Dot] make noises when I'm out of the room at night.”

“My Google would say stuff out of nowhere & wouldn't repeat what it said, too. It's now sitting in a box in a storage facility,” another user commented.

The man shared another instance of his Alexa talking to his television.

In another video, the man mentioned that his Echo dot talked to his television and asked internet users what Alexa meant.




In the video, an episode of “The Flash” seems to be playing on the TV.

One of the actors on the show said, “Alexa, I know everything you’ve heard today probably sounds insane, let alone terrifying.”

It might seem natural for the Echo dot to respond after it hears Alexa, but the response it gave seemed a bit strange. 


“Sonic Boom, Ed Begley jr., Infrasound, pink noise, Irene Bedard, and others,” Alexa is heard saying.

Many people in the comments of the video were left confused as to what Alexa meant when it spoke up. 

After witnessing both videos, many people turned to creepy stories and supernatural events, while others had more realistic views.


Internet users shared that technological devices can easily be hacked by people. 

One person commented, "I feel like people are able to hack into these things and make it say things to scare people."

Suffice it to say that technology isn’t something to be trusted.

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