Woman Says Doctor Told Her To 'Keep Quiet So I Can Concentrate' While She Was Giving Birth

Sounds like the doctor is lacking bedside manners.

Woman's doctor says to keep quiet, while giving birth. TikTok

Anyone who has given birth knows that the pain of labor can mean pushing in silence is utterly impossible.

And while we all want our doctors to be able to focus during the procedure, sometimes mom's needs come first!

However, one woman says her doctor had a different idea and expected her to simply keep quiet and keep pushing during her intense labor.

In a viral TikTok video, the woman claims her took told her she needed to stay quiet while giving birth. 

TikTok user Yasmyn Switzer shared a video that she captioned, "When I was pushing my baby out without meds and the doctor delivering her yelled at me to be quiet."


In the background, the song "Whatcha Plays" and viewers were just as shocked as Switzer by the doctor's comment.

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In a follow-up video, Switzer explains the situation — detailing how awful she was treated during her labor.


She begins her story by explaining how she got to the hospital an hour before she gave birth, having done the early stages of labor at home.

She asked for water to stay hydrated but she was not given any — nor was hooked up to an IV — for over 30 minutes.

Switzer says a nurse appeared to be training a new staff member while she was in labor.

She explains that two nurses entered the room to check on her. One nurse seemed to be teaching the other nurse how to check how dilated she was.



"I honestly was really uncomfortable with this," she recalls, "I didn't really know what was going on."


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"When she checked how dilated I was it was kind of painful."

The doctor arrives and things get worse.

Switzer explains that she is ready push once the doctor gets there so, naturally, she's reacting to what her body is going through.

"As I'm pushing I'm not screaming, like high-pitched screaming, or even being that loud," she explains, "But I'm kind of moaning."

She says that her doctor "said something along the lines of like 'I'm gonna need you to be quiet so I can hear.'"


Switzer says she was taken aback by the comment and ended up losing focus, her pushes soon fall out of rhythm.

Thankfully, her daughter was still delivered safely but Switzer says, if she were to have more kids, she would probably consider a homebirth with a midwife or doula.

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