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Woman Shares Video Blasting Her Ex For Bringing Food For His Child But Not For Her Other Kids

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A mom who recorded herself arguing with her ex about the food he was bringing to her child has caused quite a stir on TikTok and Reddit.

The woman, who has three other children as well as the child she shares with the man in the video, is receiving backlash after the video was reposted by a TikTok user @BeezTooFunny.

The woman 'exposes' her ex for bringing food to his child but not to her other children,

@BeezTooFunny posted the video, showing what happened and asking for opinions — it is unclear whether the user and the person in the video are connected at all.

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The woman says that every day her "baby daddy" goes to wherever she is and brings food for his child — one meal, for his child only.

Although she has three other children, they have only had one child together. She continues her rant, asking why he can't bring food for her three other kids?

She says it's "bogus as hell," saying he could get food for her three other kids too. 

She adds that her other kids feel left out because he doesn't bring them anything.



In part two of the video, the father says he's only trying to help his son, reiterating that the other three kids are not his, but the woman says if he's bringing food for his son, he needs to get food for all the kids too.

"I'm not trying to help out," the father explains, "I'm trying to help my son."

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"How are you helping out your son when you're not getting food for the other kids," she asks, noting that the father should care about his son's siblings.

In the final video, the woman says the father knew what he was getting into when he conceived a child, to which he says no, he didn't.

He countered, saying he should not be expected to take care of all her kids when he only had one child with her.



The father asks her why she hasn't contacted the other fathers and why he's the one being put on the spot when he takes care of his only child. 

People have commented on the video and agree that he the woman's anger seems misdirected.

One user commented, "No matter if the kid has siblings, he doesn't have to feed those extra three because they aren't his biological children therefore he has 1 responsibility."

"As a mother, she should not expect a man to take care of other kids if they are not together," another user wrote. Several others agreed with this statement — if the couple were still together the father should help with her other children but as they are not in a relationship, that obligation no longer exists.

However, over on Reddit, some other users felt that the father was contributing to a difficult situation for the mother.

Even though it is not entirely his fault, he is creating a situation where one child is receiving preferential treatment which could create a negative situation for the kids.

The issue has left many at odds with one another; though many agree that the mother is being selfish and rude to her ex, the ex is also creating an awkward situation.

Comments have all said that perhaps the father should file for sole custody of his child so that something like this does not occur again.

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