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Woman Finds It ‘Romantic’ That Her Partner Poisoned Her Tea With Cyanide

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Woman Finds It Romantic That Her Partner Poisoned Her Tea

People always go above and beyond in showing romantic gestures to their significant others. Everyone wants to do something special for their partners and may think outside the box.

That's why this woman was initially flattered when her partner would make her elderflower tea — until it started having disastrous consequences.

She took to TikTok to share her story.

The TikToker claimed her partner was accidentally poisoning her tea.

This TikToker posted a video where she mentioned her partner made her tea multiple times with elderflowers.



The woman’s girlfriend used elderflowers in the tea as the woman likes floral teas. However, elderflowers need to be boiled before use or they can produce cyanide.

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The cyanide produced isn’t enough to kill anyone, however, it can create some negative effects.

The woman mentioned in her video that she often got migraines and fell asleep after drinking tea. However, she didn’t seem to find her girlfriend at fault and instead liked it.

In the video's caption, she wrote, “I find it very romantic.”

The woman’s girlfriend didn’t know the elderflower can be poisonous.

In another video, the woman mentioned that her girlfriend had no idea that the flower was poisonous and needed to be boiled beforehand.



Her caption read, “They picked elderflowers for me [because] I love floral tea. [They] just dried them and put them in a jar.”

She further wrote, “They didn’t know you had to boil them first [because] they contain a cyanide-inducing glycoside that causes cyanide buildup in your body.”

She also mentioned that she enjoyed the tea. In addition to the migraines, the tea also stung her tongue a little. 

Internet users were shocked to find out about such a situation.

There were some people who were helpful and provided the woman with facts and advice about the elderflower.

One internet user who claimed to be a herbalist mentioned that the flower shouldn’t have the poison. They wrote, “Herbalist here! The flowers themselves shouldn’t contain cyanide-inducing glycosides but the buds and stems do.”

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Another person wrote, “How much were you drinking? the flowers only contain trace amounts and the cyanide compound is volatile so in a hot tea....there shouldn't be any left.”

Many other users took the situation in humor and mentioned that the woman’s body could build a tolerance to the cyanide.

One user wrote, “You could keep going and slowly gain resistance to it.”

The woman mentioned that she still loves her partner and doesn’t blame them for their mistake.

After getting numerous comments from people about her situation, the woman once again clarified that she doesn’t find her girlfriend at fault.

It seemed like an honest mistake on her girlfriend's part, so the woman decided to look past it. The woman also mentioned that her partner felt bad when they found out about it.

In the comments section, the woman replied to one's comment, "They felt really bad but I was just like THIS IS LIKE A [REALLY] COOL TRAGIC LESBIAN LOVE STORY ENDING."

The woman also mentioned that she has put this in the past as this happened two years ago. In another comment, the woman wrote, “I’m fine and we will be celebrating our 2yr anniversary this year.”

What may seem like a health issue to some people seems 'romantic' to this woman. She wrote, “It's the most romantic thing [that's] ever happened to me.”

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