Woman Shares Messages From Friend's Married Dad Asking Her To Go For Drinks Stirring Debate

She will never look at him the same again.

TikToker shows texts from friend's dad TikTok

A woman on Tiktok sparked a discussion when she shared uncomfortable messages from her best friend’s father.

Amber Pozzi, username @amberpozzi, posted a TikTok on Thursday that revealed texts from her friend’s father, who she believes is around 58.

She says she received the messages late at night which left her feeling unsettled. 

The TikTok video contains messages from her friend's dad, asking her out.

Her friend’s father, whose contact name on her phone is Mr. Crayon, initiated the conversation at 11:16 p.m. with the message “Hi Amber… this is Chris. Emily’s dad.” He then asks what she is doing at the moment, to which she replies that she is not with Emily. 


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He texts back, “I know. I was just curious.”

She then poses the question to her audience, “Is that not like a little weird, at this time of night? In general?”


He then persists despite her hesitation, asking her if she is free. She tells him that she’s occupied at the moment, and asks why he is texting her.

What she received next made her break off the conversation entirely.

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“Ok. Was thinking maybe we could grab a drink or something. Do me a favor and keep this between us?” he said in two separate messages.

When she thought the worst was over, he sent her a selfie in a blue tank top that doesn’t leave too much to the imagination. The video then ends with her crying and a hand over her face.


Viewers debated what she should do in response.

Many commenters expressed sympathy for Pozzi’s experience and advised her to take action to protect herself.

“Tell your friend,” one commenter said. “Tell your friend's mom. Tell whoever you’re living with. Parents. Bf. Whoever. BE. SAFE.”

Some found humor in the situation, particularly with the selfie at the end of the video.

“IM SORRY BUT THE SELFIE GOT ME ROLLING,” a second commenter said.

“No way his name is Mr. Crayon,” a third commenter said.

A few believed that the entire exchange was a fabrication, either as a prank by Emily or by Pozzi herself to generate clicks.

“Not real,” a fourth commenter said. “This is her talking to her. Why do they both type the same and put a space between the last word and the ? or the !”


Two days later, Pozzi posted a follow-up video where she sent the texts to Emily.



After seeing what her father sent her friend, Emily expresses her disbelief and discomfort over the situation and says that she will be confronting him over it. 

Later in the video, she shows another text from Emily’s dad, presumably after his daughter brought the conversation up to him.


“You had to go and do that? Do you know how much of an uncomfortable situation you just got me into???” he said.

Many commenters on this video took issue with the dad victim-blaming Pozzi, while others still believed the entire thing to be staged.

Regardless of if the exchange was real or not, everyone should be able to acknowledge that a father messaging his daughter’s friend with those intentions is unacceptable.

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