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Woman Learns Homeless Man Was Secretly Living In Her Apartment After Hearing Snoring

Photo: TikTok
TikToker Says Homeless Man Was Living In Her Apartment With Her

A woman's worst nightmare seemingly came true after discovering a homeless man had been living in her apartment without her noticing.

In a TikTok video shared to her account, Decarah Myers revealed that a homeless man had walked into her unlocked apartment in Tuscon, Arizona, and had been living in her roommate's room all day without her noticing.

On the morning before the incident, she had checked her email after waking up, seeing a notice from her apartment's management office that a homeless man was roaming around the building.

The email continued, saying that they were trying to locate him and had notified the police as well.

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Things like this aren't a rare occurrence. "No shock. This has happened before,” Myers says in the video. “We supposedly live in these ‘luxury apartments,’ but these homeless people don’t give an f in Tucson.”

Myers eventually left her apartment to go to the gym and left her apartment door unlocked.

"It's just a habit I've formed over the year because my roommates are usually home and so somebody is always here, but they moved out a few days ago," she explained, adding that she has been "living alone."

After returning from the gym, she finished working for the day and checked her email again after a few hours.

There was another follow-up from her apartment's management office that said the homeless man had never been found and encouraged all tenants to keep their doors locked.

At that point, Myers remembered that she hadn't locked her door when she'd gone out to the gym. She decided to check all of the four bedrooms in the apartment, starting with her roommate's bathroom. 

After finding no one in there, she went to look into her roommate's bedroom, only to find that the door was locked. Myers immediately freaked out, especially considering that all of her roommates had moved out already.

In a second video, Myers continued the story, saying she was able to hear a man snoring in her roommate's locked bedroom while she continued to sit in the living room, trying to decide what to do.

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Her apartment's management office had already closed, there was also no emergency line to call at her apartment complex, and her building doesn't have any security.

After sitting on the couch for some time, Myers started hearing the locked bedroom door handle start moving as if someone was trying to get out.

She immediately began texting her friends for help, and one of her friends who lived next door told her to leave the apartment.

Before leaving, Myers loudly shouted: "Hey, if there’s anybody in here, I’m literally leaving for five minutes. Just please leave.”

She went downstairs to the lobby to wait with her friend, and after some time, the two went back up to her apartment. Before they could enter the elevator to go back upstairs, the homeless man who had been sleeping in the locked bedroom walked out of the elevator.

“It’s like ‘our’ homeless man,” Myers said. “I call him ‘our’ because he’s ours. He’s like literally always around this building all the time, and he also chased my roommate in our garage the other day.”

She said she still has another three months left on her lease, but her parents want her to move out immediately.

Though Myers says she knows she should leave, but doesn't want to "let the homeless win."

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