Personal Trainer Catches Wife Cheating On Him With A Homeless Man & Drags Him Out Of Car

Don't mess with a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer Catches Wife Cheating On Him With A Homeless Man & Drags Him Out Of Car YouTube / Instagram

A personal trainer in Brazil found himself using his strength for an unlikely reason after catching his wife cheating on him.

The man thought he was rescuing his wife from danger but it turns out he stumbled upon something much more hurtful for him!

CCTV cameras caught the moment Eduardo Alves discovered his wife and a local homeless man having an affair in her car that was parked outside of an elementary school. 


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The incident took place in the Jardim Roriz neighborhood in Brazil’s Federal District during the early morning of March 10. 

Video footage shows the personal trainer's reaction to catching his wife and the homeless man cheating.

Alves is seen arriving to the scene and peaking into the windshield of his wife's car.

Upon witnessing what was going on, he appears to fly into a fit of rage. Alves bangs furiously on the window before jumping into the car to give the man a beating.


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The bizarre incident occured after Alves' wife and mother-in-law left to aid a local homeless man in need, according to news outlet Metropoles.

His wife reportedly said she had received a "message from God" to "help" the homeless man.

She also told officers that she likes to help people in need through her church — which is an interesting way to talk about cheating on your husband!

Alves’ wife split up from his mother-in-law, and did not return any of his calls, prompting his concern and decision to go looking for her.

Once he found them in the car, Alves pulled the homeless man out of the car and began throwing punches at him as his wife watched. 


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The homeless man had to go to the hospital for injuries he sustained from Alves, including two black eyes. Nearby security cameras captured footage of the incident.

Alves told police that he thought that his wife was being sexually assaulted when he came across the scene, but she told officers that the encounter was consensual.

In the footage, Alves is seen chasing the man down the street during the beating before dragging him back. Alves' wife, whose name has not been released, is seen lying on the ground appearing to be distraught about the whole ordeal.


Brazilian police are still investigating the incident to find additional details and determine what charges will be brought against Alves.

So far, the couple, or perhaps former couple, have not spoken publicly about what exactly happened during the odd incident. 

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