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Woman Says She Found A Husband By Being 'Submissive' To Men & Gets Slammed By Other Women Online

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There's an ongoing debate about how TikToker, Aly Villa, became submissive to marry her husband — the controversy has become viral and garnered a lot of attention.

In a video originally shared to another TikTok account, before Villa reposted it to her own account, she shared in a video how she landed her current husband.

She claimed she 'loves her husband' for a living and found a man by being submissive.

When asked by her friend how she got such a "job," Villa responded with the changes she made in herself.

Villa said, “I became a better human being and I became feminine and also, shocking, submissive."

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Villa added that being a housewife is like any other job — women must obey their husbands in order to flourish in this "career."

“You need a man to hire you for it but that’s okay. If you think about it, you submit to your boss who makes you clean stupid shelves at your retail job,” Villa explained.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you were cleaning your own shelves at home?”

As a piece of advice for other women who want to pursue the same route as Villa, she claimed that they have to work for the men they want to pursue.

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Aly Villa's TikTok video received a lot of backlash from internet users.

Being a housewife is a valid and important path in life but, understandably, many were irked by Villa's comments. Staying at home and doing valuable work in the home shouldn't have to mean submitting to a man.

Many housewives are still autonomous, independent women with their own important goals.

Many people felt that she was ruining her life and shouldn’t be dependent on someone else for her own survival.

“This promotes laziness and shows a lack of ambition. Strive for better goals,” one user wrote.

Another user wrote, “There is no way I'll be submissive to any men, provider or not.”

After all that criticism, Villa’s video was covered by a YouTuber, Chisa Zed.

Along with Villa’s video, it included some other videos where she responded to some of the hate comments.

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One person commented, “‘Became feminine and submissive’ shouldn’t have to change for men to like them. This is ridiculous.”

Villa answered, “I mean, that’s the same type of woman that’s going to say, ‘a man should change everything about himself to be a viable partner.’” 

Some people defended the TikToker for her decision.

People admire Villa's attitude and felt that all the criticism was unnecessary.

Even if her decision is frowned upon, it was still her choice to make.

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One user wrote, “As a successful woman, who’s worked hard to get what she wants, I COMPLETELY AGREE with this woman. 1. She has CHOSEN this lifestyle 2. It makes her HAPPY (whole point of life isn’t it) 3. It’s working out for her. STOP JUDGING.”

“I think she is phenomenal! She found someone that she loves and is willing to work for and thrive in life. That’s a beautiful thing! She also stated that she gets everything she wants that’s also a very beautiful thing!” one person commented.

“He says positive things to her and loves her and [she] enjoys being his wife and that’s what matters.”

Zed also spoke a bit about the hypocrisy around the criticism the TikToker has been receiving. 

“In a day and age where women are encouraged to exercise choice and they have these freedoms, it’s so funny that women try to put down the women who decide, ‘hey you know what, I actually want to depend on a man or submit to my man’,” he said.

However, Zed's comments somewhat misunderstand the source of the backlash.

Villa's critics weren't telling her how to live her life. They were expressing frustration that she was implying other women must submit to their husbands if they want to be a housewife.

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