Woman Claims Her Daughter Was Stalked By A Vampire & Reveals What They Did To Get Rid Of Him

Edward Cullen, is that you?

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If you were a teen in the 2010s — or at least knew one — you'll know that a vampire obsession thanks to "Twilight," "Vampire Diaries" and more was basically an essential part of teen personalities.

But one mom believes her daughter's obsession with vampires led to her being stalked by one.

In the TikTok video, the woman claimed her daughter had been bitten by a vampire.

The woman explained that this incident of a vampire biting her two daughters happened in the course of two years. 


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“Two years ago, my youngest daughter woke up with marks on her neck that looked like vampire bites,” the woman said.

After discovering the bite marks, the youngest daughter experienced some symptoms that included sleeping all day and being unable to stay in the light.



At first, they didn’t think it was vampire bites and even reached out to doctors. Eventually, the bites faded after about a month and all the family members thought that was the end of it.


However, a month later, the woman’s oldest daughter had the same bite marks on her ankle which looked like they were fading. 

“They were faded as if she was bitten the same time as my youngest daughter was bitten. We just didn’t notice it,” the woman said.

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After a year, the woman’s oldest daughter experienced the same bite marks on her arm. The woman explained, “The bite was changing and it was not going away as if she was being bitten in the same spot multiple times.”

All this time, the woman thought that this was just happening with her children, however, her oldest daughter later told her that her husband was also experiencing the same bites. After all this, the woman consulted a psychic.


The psychic also claimed that the woman’s oldest daughter was being stalked by a vampire.

The psychic patiently understood all of the woman's problems before giving any advice.



“She said, ‘Well, let me meditate and let me see if I can find out what this is’. She got back to me and told me it is a vampire.”

The psychic elaborated further and claimed that this vampire wants the woman’s daughter. This then begged the question as to why the vampire keeps biting other family members.


The psychic then responded that if he only bit the daughter every time he visited the home, she would die.

The woman claims the vampire was there to stay until he could take the woman’s daughter with him.

The psychic further claimed that the woman's daughter was the one who summoned the vampire. Though, the daughter denied doing so.



“She explained to me, some years back, like when she was a teenager, four or five years back, she was obsessed with the show 'True Blood.' She was obsessed with vampires.”


Just like any teenager, the woman’s daughter too glamorized vampires and their powers, however, there was nothing further than that.

As the woman believed the psychic, she thought that if she didn’t do anything, the vampire was there to stay.

All family members then began praying to find a solution to this issue. The woman said, “We prayed and we asked God to intervene and he did. We haven’t had any incidents since. No bites. No problems.”


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