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Couple Captures Video Of ‘Ghosts’ Pillow Fighting In Their Empty Living Room On Security Camera

Photo: TikTok
TikTok couple, ghost video

A couple on TikTok is sharing their experience with what they claim is a rather rowdy ghost who lives in their home.

The duo, who are named, Lainey and Ben, seem to have been searching for paranormal activity quite regularly in their home.

They then post videos about it on their TikTok account and have a website for their ghostly findings.

One particular video has captured the attention of their audience as a rare sighting showed not one but possibly two ghosts.

In the TikTok video, the couple claimed that the ghosts were having a pillow fight in their living room.

In the video, which appears to have been recorded on a security camera, pillows are seen flying across a seemingly empty room.

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To make it helpful for the viewers, the couple has imagined where the ghosts are by drawing stick figures of what they think their shape could be.

TikTok users had mixed reactions after watching the pillow fight.

Some people believed the video to be genuine and were leaving comments on the situation. 

One user wrote, “The two spirits in the room are fighting over something, the other one in the chair is awkwardly on their phone trying to ignore the whole thing.”

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However, there were many people who refused to believe that the video contained ghosts. Many people thought someone was just throwing the pillows from outside the shot of the camera.

One user wrote, “What's going on? You edited some green lines and white dots and threw some cushions to try and fool people.”

Another user wrote, “Sooo the cushions are thrown from behind the camera.”

The couple has posted numerous videos of paranormal activities.

Lainey and Ben often record strange things that happen in their homes and post them on their TikTok account. 



Similarly, the video above contains short clips of the numerous paranormal activities the couple experiences in their homes at random times.

Things can be seen falling from the shelves or doors of closets can be seen opening by themselves. In one instance, when the couple was watching the television while sitting on the couch, the light turned off by itself.

In another instance, when Lainey is filming herself, her hair is moving by itself as she is shocked by it.

At the end of the video, something a bit more shocking happened as both of them can be seen getting hit in the head by something. Ben said, “A little blow in the back of my head.”

However, Lainey and Ben have a lot of skeptics who doubt the claims they make in their videos.

"The amount of stuff being knocked over, are we sure it isn’t a cat ghost? Seems to make more sense," one person wrote.

Meanwhile other believers are warning the couple not to mess with ghosts!

One user wrote, "If I saw my hair move like that I’d immediately be swinging at air."

Another user wrote, "[That's] a whole poltergeist [I'm] so surprised that you guys still live there. I was always told they can be on a threatening level. you guys are strong!!!"

"Guys just [be] careful don’t mess with it. No one would help you when is getting worse," one person commented.

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