10 Signs You Have A 'Noisy Ghost' (AKA Poltergeist) Haunting Your Home

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Rumors about paranormal activity are nothing new. If you live long enough, you will find that wherever there is an unsolved mystery, there is suspicion that a ghost or spirit is the culprit.

There’s the speculation about the Marfa lights in Texas. Then, there are the shadow figures lurking near Big Sur, the theories about the Dutch ghost ship, and who can forget the speculation about ghosts moving objects around your house?

Something that might surprise you is that 57% of Americans believe in ghosts, and many of those believers think there is paranormal activity in their home.

Ten percent have even moved under the premise that their house was haunted after hearing or seeing a "noisy ghost" or witnessing what is known as poltergeist activity. Some even claimed to have captured their ghost on cell phone video.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there is a phenomenon known as a poltergeist. And though your only knowledge about it may stem from the 1982 film, for some people, they are very much real occurrences.

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What is a poltergeist?

The word "poltergeist" is German for “noisy spirit” or “rumbling noise.” In the spirit world, it is a type of ghost who creates physical disruptions like loud noises, shifting things around, or destroying them.

Most poltergeist activity is described as ghosts physically attacking people or levitating objects like furniture or weapons, making them a troublesome spirit.

Throughout history, many paranormal investigations into poltergeist cases have proven them to be hoaxes with no scientific evidence of truth. Psychical researcher Frank Podmore attributed these claims to the "naughty little girl" theory, which is children making noises or moving things around to scare or trick others for attention.

The 19th century was full of alleged poltergeist activity. In 1946, Angelique Cottin, known as "Electric Girl," was thought to be a "generator" of such, moving things with electric pulses. The girl’s powers were later deemed a fraud by Podmore.

Then, there was Eusapia Palladino, an Italian medium who claimed she could move objects while performing séances. She was later caught using her foot to "levitate" a table and using tricks to move other objects.

There has been no credible confirmation of poltergeist activity, but if you are still a believer, there are signs to look for that may confirm your suspicions that your home is haunted.

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10 Signs You Have A Poltergeist In Your Home

1. You hear random noises.

Everyone has been sitting home alone that thought they heard footsteps, random knocking, or banging. You know you are the only person in the house and upon checking find that no one is there.

2. You witness moving objects.

If you are minding your business at home and suddenly see things start levitating, it is a clear sign that you are not alone. Books might fly off the shelf or glasses might fall out the cabinets and slam to the floor. It might be a good time to pack your bags.

3. You notice disappearing objects.

You sit your keys down and intentionally remember where you placed them, but when you return, they have vanished. This is known as the disappearing object phenomenon where some attribute the disappearance of things to paranormal activity.

4. You have electrical interference.

In the movies, the moment a poltergeist shows up, the lights start flashing and flickering, and you prepare for the arrival. If there is sudden electrical interference in your home and no signs of an electrical problem, you might have a noisy ghost.

5. Objects have power with no source.

There is always something that is clearly broken in our homes, but we hold onto it, promising to get it fixed one day. What if that item suddenly powered on with no batteries and no connection to the power source? It is a sign that there is paranormal activity at play.

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6. You smell different scents and odors.

The smell of your grandpa’s cigars or your granny’s peach cobbler wafts past your nose, but they have been gone for years. You could be receiving those odors directly from the ghost living in your home.

7. You’ve experienced physical assaults.

One of the scariest and most worrisome signs of a poltergeist is physical attacks by the visitors. Waking up with unexplained injuries or receiving blows to your body when you are totally and completely alone might mean your home is haunted.

8. You get the feeling you're being watched.

Sometimes, you can literally "feel" someone staring at you. But if you turn around and there is no one there, don’t just dismiss it as "all in your head." That eerie feeling could be a poltergeist watching you inside your home.

9. You hear people talking.

You are quietly watching television and hear hushed voices in the house but can’t find the source. You search high and low but come up with nothing.

You could have the ghosts of people who once lived in your home hanging around and trying to get your attention.

10. You have sharp temperature changes throughout your house.

As you move throughout the house, you find "cold spots" or notable temperature changes from one area to the next. This is a common phenomenon of people who believe their house is inhabited by ghosts.

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