Theory Shows How A Celebrity's Eyes Might Predict An Upcoming Tragedy

It's not just celebrities that have this eye trait.

Abby Lee Miller, sanpaku eyes, Michael Jackson 360b / Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock / @hey_rey0 / TikTok

A conspiracy theorist on TikTok shed light on a possible indication of an upcoming tragedy to which certain celebrities have fallen victim.

He points out that celebrities like Abby Lee Miller, Raul Julia, and Micheal Jackson were all met with unfortunate circumstances, however, that wasn’t their only similarity. 

All three stars shared the same physical characteristic of their eyes — a characteristic known as “sanpaku eyes.”  




In a video that has generated over 7 million views, TikTok user @hey_rey0 explains what sanpuku eyes are and what they indicate. 

Here's what the TikTok video theory says about this eye characteristic:  

Sanpaku is a Japanese term meaning “three whites.” 


He includes an image that details the various forms of sanpaku eyes along with descriptions. “If the white of a person’s eyes is visible either below or above the colored portion, or iris, that person is said to have sanpaku eyes,” the image reads. 

If the whites of a person’s eyes are below one iris only, it typically indicates that there is unresolved stress in their life. If the whites are showing below both irises, it means that person is under a lot of pressure. 

If the whites are below the eyes and only half of the person’s irises are visible, it means that they are under extreme pressure and that they are typically “hiding something.”

If the whites are below the eyes with half of the iris visible and the eyes are glassy, it usually means that person has “psychotic tendencies.” 


If the whites are visible above and below the irises and there is a hint of white within the iris, that person wants to gain power over you. 

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Sanpaku eyes are also rumored to indicate a series of unfortunate events in one’s life.

“It’s said that people with this live a tragic life and something tragic is approaching,” the TikTok user explained in his video. 


“Unfortunately a lot of times it’s something tragic regarding being unalived.” In other words, sanpaku eyes infer one’s death is near. 

“A lot of times the eyes aren’t like this naturally. They turn like this over time and that’s when you really want to be cautious that something dangerous may be approaching,” he says. 

The TikTok user uses an image of R&B singer Aaliyah as an example. In the image, the singer was displaying sanpaku eyes.

She was killed in a plane crash in the Bahamas in 2001 shortly after the picture was taken. 

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The TikTok theory continues with other celebrities that had sanpuku eyes before tragedy. 

An image of Abby Lee Miller from the series “Dance Moms” is shown with her demonstrating sanpuku eyes.

“This was like one season before Abby Lee went to jail and ended up in a wheelchair,” the TikTok user shares. 

He also points out that Miller did not have sanpuku eyes in earlier seasons of the show. 

Raul Julia, the actor who played Gomez for a short time in “The Addams Family,” was showing sanpaku eyes during the filming of the production. 

Julia died from complications after a stroke just a year after “The Addams Family” was released. 


Singer Michael Jackson also had sanpaku eyes, the TikToker claims. Jackson died in 2009 after suffering cardiac arrest caused by a lethal dose of medications prescribed to him by his doctor. 

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Some TikTok users expressed concern and fear over sanpaku eyes in other celebrities. 

“I’m scared for Billie Eilish not gonna lie. Hers are so prominent,” one user commented. “Elvis Presley has them too,” another user pointed out. Presley died of a heart attack in 1977. 


Others were concerned for themselves. “That’s funny cuz I got sanpaku eyes ever since I’ve been born,” one user wrote. “Now I'm looking at everyone’s eyes great lol,” another user commented. 

However, others were quick to debunk the theory: 

“I mean…camera placement and head tilt PER PHOTO is a factor…” one user wrote. 

“It [sanpaku eyes] happens because of a nervous breakdown. Doesn’t mean you’re going to die soon. It does mean stress-induced,” another user pointed out. 

Despite the celebrities described above all suffering unexpected tragedies and sharing eye characteristics, sanpaku eyes are just a superstition. There is no concrete evidence that infers if you have sanpaku eyes, your death is approaching. 


You can spare yourself the panic and constantly checking your eyes in the mirror for now! You should be safe for the time being. 

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