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Mom Says Her Baby Bit Her Nipple Off While She Was Nursing & She Didn't Notice Until The Next Morning

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Any mother who has ever breastfed can attest that while it is a significant bonding experience with your baby, it can also be quite difficult and painful. 

However, mothers usually would never expect to lose a nipple while breastfeeding! 

This is exactly what happened to one woman after breastfeeding her infant son, and you will not believe how she missed it at first and what she was told to fo by doctors. 

The mother’s baby bit her nipple off while she was nursing him. 

Social media influencer, Jasmine Chiswell, often documents her motherhood journey with her nearly one-year-old son, Midnight, on TikTok. 

One of her most recent videos had many viewers concerned and confused after she revealed that she and her husband were awoken by a shocking sight. 

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Chiswell’s husband informed her that her “nipple is falling off” after waking up and noticing blood soaking through her shirt. 

Although she initially did not believe him, she was horrified after looking down and discovering that he was right. 

“I can’t believe this is a conversation from last night… the pain,” Chiswell captioned her video. 

TikTok users were dying for a storytime.

“PLEASE EXPLAIN,” one user begged. “Wait WHAT why HOW?!” another commented. 

Thankfully, the mother explained the unbelievable story in a follow-up video. 

“I have been breastfeeding my baby for almost a year,” she shares. “He currently has eight teeth.” 

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Although Chiswell reveals that her baby has bitten her while breastfeeding before, it was nothing like when he managed to bite her nipple off. 

“I was breastfeeding him just like normal late at night… and he bites down on my nipple literally with all of his teeth and pulls,” she says. 

Chiswell, who claims to have a high pain tolerance, believed that the pain was just one of her son’s usual bites he gives her while nursing. 

Thinking nothing of it, she went to bed and fell asleep. “The next morning, my husband got a fright,” she says. 

“He saw that my shirt was covered in blood which in turn terrified me.” 

Chiswell went to inspect the bleeding and got the shock of her life. “I kid you not, the tip of my nipple was hanging off…I instantly screamed,” she shares. 

She added that she had been warned that this could happen to nursing mothers, but it was surreal to see. 

What she was advised to do next may be even more shocking. 

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Chiswell was told to stick an ice pack and a bandage on her nipple and it would reattach itself. 

“Basically I got told that it will stick itself back together,” she told viewers in a follow-up video. 



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“I kid you not, they were not lying!” 

While Chiswell reveals that her nipple is still bruised and healing, luckily it did reattach to her breast. 

Other mothers shared their own experiences similar to Chiswell’s. 

“Happened to me. Screaming, crying, and throwing up but it fixed itself,” one user commented. 

“Yup mine split in half on one side and on the other one I lost a chunk of the tip. It looks fine but continuing to bf [breastfeed] hurt more than anything I've ever felt,” another shared. 

As for other TikTok users, many of them thanked Chiswell for their birth control reminder in the comments and added this to the list of why they will never have children! 

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