Video Of Mom Letting Her Friend Breastfeed Her Baby 'After A Few Drinks' Divides Viewers

Mothers of the internet were divided over this one.

Mom lets friend breastfeed her baby TikTok

A mother recently posted a video on TikTok that has been raising some eyebrows as viewers question the decision she made.

It seems like opinions are divided and no one can get a straight answer.

The video shows the mother's friend breastfeeding her child after she was 'a few drinks in.'

In the video, a mom sits by her friend while she breastfeeds her infant son.

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The overlay text reads, "When you're a few drinks in so you let your friend nurse your baby."



The mom is suggesting that, after consuming alcohol, she thought it would be best for her friend to feed her baby, perhaps so she didn't risk his wellbeing.


However, viewers were somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of another person breastfeeding their child.

"I don't know how to feel about this," one user wrote.

"Why do people think that's ok?" reads another.

The mother followed up with another video to answer the negativity.

In a second video, the mother, whose name is Grace, decided to answer a comment that read, "I don't get it, why is your friend bfing your baby? You can have a drink and feed at the same time!"

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Many comments said that breastfeeding even after one has had a few alcoholic drinks is safe, but she claimed that it wasn't entirely about the alcohol either. 




Grace was not doing it because she was drinking, but she was letting her friend breastfeed her child because it's what's best for the baby and her friend.

"My friend has a 7-month-old,” the new video read. “Her baby is out of state for the weekend. I let her nurse him to strengthen his immune system. And also to relieve her."

She claimed that she trusts her friend because she has a child of her own, and knew that it would make her friend's life a lot easier if she breastfed the child so she could keep producing her own supply.


If a mother goes too long without breastfeeding her child, it can cause complications, discomfort, and pain, which is what Grace meant by wanting to "relieve her."

Breastmilk is also full of the mother's immune cells, which contain specific pathogens that can be passed down to the child.

She claimed that by letting her friend breastfeed her child, she was strengthening his immune system because he's getting those same immune cells from another source.


Many people in the comments praised her for this and confirmed exactly the things she was saying.

Grace also admitted that people in the comments were right about being able to breastfeed after consuming alcohol.

In her second video, she wrote "It is absolutely okay to drink and nurse. If you're feeling sober enough to drive you can nurse."

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