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Internet Sides With Woman Who Walked Out Of Restaurant After Boyfriend Refused To Pay For Her Dinner

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Woman Leaves The Restaurant After Her Boyfriend Refuses To Pay For Her Dinner

One woman thought it was unfair of her boyfriend not to pay for her dinner so, she got up and left the restaurant.

After doing so, however, she thought that she may have overreacted, so she went to Reddit’s AITA "r/AmItheA--hole" thread to ask internet users for their opinions.

The woman left the restaurant after her boyfriend insisted that she just eat from his meal.

The woman started her post by explaining that she and her boyfriend made plans with some friends to have dinner together outside — but before that, something terrible happened to the woman.

“Yesterday after I came back from work I was robbed [on] the bus and I had all my money and cards stolen,” the woman wrote.

She had planned to get her new cards from the bank the morning after the dinner date, but that meant she had no money for the time being.

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In the post, she explains that she figured it would be ok because her boyfriend owed her some money so she asked for it back from him or suggested that he could just pay for her dinner.

Her boyfriend didn’t give her a direct answer and instead told her to not worry about it.

The woman believed that meant he would pay for her meal at the restaurant, but things didn’t go as planned.

She wrote, “As we ordered he only ordered for himself and told me that he can't cover for mine at the moment so I better not order anything and just have some bites from his meal.”

The woman got angry and left the restaurant.

Her boyfriend’s actions just angered the woman as he had promised to pay her back the money he owed.

“He had promised to give me back the money, he then claimed something came up and couldn't give [it] back,” she wrote. “But then ordered a nice meal for himself and just told me to get his scraps because he wouldn't pay me back or at least for my meal.”

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She felt awkward as she was the only one without a meal so, she got up and left the restaurant.

She wrote that her friends also thought she shouldn't have just abruptly left like that. 

Redditors claimed the woman wasn’t in the wrong.

People criticized the woman’s boyfriend for behaving that way after knowing she was robbed.

“She was robbed and instead of comforting her and paying for her food, he relegated her to a dog eating scraps from him?” one user wrote. “If he indeed didn't have money to cover for her, he could have ordered the food for her as an empathetic gesture not to mention he owes her!”

Another user wrote, “Ditch the boyfriend and chalk up what he owes you to the cost of this valuable lesson in putting yourself first from time to time.”

Another person commented, "you need to know that this is NOT normal [behavior] in a romantic relationship. I would advise you to take a long look at how he treats you in other aspects also and see if it really lines up with what you expect from a loving partner."

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