Couple Reveal They Might Be Half-Siblings After Finding Out Their Mothers Slept With The Same Man

Would you keep dating your half-sibling?

couple reveals they might be half-siblings TikTok

Two women on TikTok are raising concerns that they might be half-siblings after two years of dating.

Being close to your partner's family is something many couples aspire to but being related to them is a whole other problem.

The women revealed their concerns in a viral video and now internet users are going into a frenzy.

The couple says that their mothers slept with the same man.

TikTokers Carley Gonschior and Mercedes Stewart posted a bunch of short clips on their TikTok account mentioning that they have been dating for two years now. 


However, they recently found out that both of their mothers have a shared romantic history.



They didn't know for sure but they started wondering whether they were half-siblings.

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While anyone would be shocked or terrified, the two women made the light of the situation by posting funny videos about it.

It seems even if they turned out to be half-siblings, they don’t have any intentions of separating or breaking up.

“If we’re actually related, is it wrong to stay together?” they asked in their comments.

The two mentioned that they would be taking a DNA test.

While they did joke that they didn't know if they were ready to hear the results of a DNA test, the couple confirmed that they would be taking the test in order to know for sure whether they are half-siblings. 



Gonschior mentioned, “So we ordered the DNA test and when they come, you have to spit in the tube and then send it off. So, it’s like a few weeks process.”


The two further humorously questioned whether kissing before taking the test would affect the results and whether they should refrain from it before taking the test. 

People mentioned that the two look quite similar and can easily be half-siblings.

One person commented, “No I have no idea who you guys are and I immediately thought you were sisters before reading the text.”

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Another person commented, “You mean you guys didn't think you were sisters already? you basically have the same face.”

People shared that even if they turned out to be siblings, they could stay together.

One user commented, “I mean, it’s definitely a weird circumstance, but they literally can’t have [biological] kids together and they weren’t raised together and don’t feel related.”


Another person commented, “It's hard to get rid of love that's been there for a while. Either way, it's their choice and it should be respected no matter what.”

However, many people also seemed to have an issue with it and felt it would be wrong to stay together if they turned out to be related.

One person commented, "Would you date your sibling after finding out they’re your sibling?? Would you actively take part in incest [because] 'I don’t have that bond with [them]'???"


Another person commented, "If [you] can still look at someone [you] dated romantically after finding out [you're] siblings, [you] need help."

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