Bride Details 9 Things She Regrets About Her Wedding

Seems like her perfect day had some bumps.

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Weddings are widely considered to be the best day of your life, but for one woman on TikTok, some things could have gone better.

In fact, it seems like she has a lot she didn’t like about her wedding day as she describes what went wrong in a series of videos on TikTok.

Here are 9 things the bride regretted about her wedding.

The TikToker mentioned that she recently got married but there are some things she wished could have turned out to be different on the wedding day.




1. “I regret having my bridesmaid stand behind me during the ceremony.”

The bride mentioned how she would have wanted all of her bridesmaids to stand behind the groom.

She mentioned that at the end of the ceremony when she turned around to fix her dress, seeing the bridesmaids in front of her would have been nice for encouragement during the ceremony.


2. “Not scheduling more time into my timeline for the day to get ready.”

The bride said that she wished she had more time to get her hair and makeup done and change into her dress. 

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She said, “I just felt a little bit rushed and the second my dress was on, I just felt like the whole day went so quickly.”

3. “Not scouting photo locations before.”

The bride regretted not checking out her planned photo location in advance because, on the day of her wedding, she realized it was too far away.

Additionally, the place they went instead was under construction so they had to take pictures on the side of the street by the construction site. While the pictures turned out to be great, she still wishes they would have been different.




4. “Not wearing different shoes.”

The bride wished she had taken the advice of someone who warned her not to wear shoes with jewelling or embellishments if she was wearing a lace dress.

The person mentioned that the lace can get stuck on the embellishment and rip the dress, but the bride ignored that thinking it wouldn’t come to that — she was wrong.

She said, “All day, I could feel the front of my dress getting stuck on the little embellishment that was on the top of my shoe.”


5. “Not adding a little bit of time for cocktail hour.”

While she understands cocktail hour is supposed to be only an hour and that she wouldn’t have changed this, she wished she had more time to meet all of her family and friends. 

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She explains that she had around 156 guests and she would have loved to take her time socializing with all of them. 

6. “Not budgeting a little bit extra for all the things that added up as we got closer to the wedding.”

The bride says that there numerous small things that kept popping up as they got closer to the wedding and she didn’t think to budget for them.


She mentioned last-minute additions that came up such as napkins for the guests, a stage for the band, or props for the photoshoot.

If she could do it all over again, she would have added a little extra to the budget for the last-minute expenses if she had the chance.



7. “Not having a photo or video for the rehearsal dinner.”

One of the major things the bride regretted was not having photos or videos for her rehearsal dinner.


The dinner had been quite casual and low-key so she didn’t think about it but after dinner she was disappointed that she didn’t have any photos or videos for the night.

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“We had some like really beautiful speeches that I’m just really sad aren’t captured.”

8. “Not changing into more comfortable shoes.”

As the bride stated earlier that her choice of shoes wasn’t the best, she wished she would have changed into something comfortable later during the day. 

She mentioned that she had comfortable shoes with her and her wedding planner also offered her to change into them but she chose not to.


She said, “For some reason, I was just really vibing and I couldn’t feel the immense pain that was occurring in my feet.”

She wished that she would have changed her shoes then as she has bruises on her feet now.

9. “Didn’t stop to look around and take it all in.”

In the rush of the big day, the bride felt like she had missed an opportunity to process what was happening.

“The day flew by so quickly and I was just so overwhelmed by everything,” she said.

She would have loved to take a few seconds and look at everything since it was supposed to be the most important day of her life.

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