Therapist Quits Job After She's Not Allowed Attend Meeting Via Zoom — 'I Have Kids And I'm A Single Mother'

She's not compromising.

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One of the perks in a post-Covid corporate world is that many employees now have the flexibility to work fully remotely. This is beneficial for those who have other responsibilities, including raising kids. 

However, in corporate America where work is viewed as the most important aspect of life, employees are encouraged to be present in the office to fulfill their work duties. 

One therapist made a bold decision after she was told that she could not utilize Zoom to attend a meeting that conflicted with a time she would be dropping her children off at school. 


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The therapist quit her job after she was denied the option to Zoom in for a meeting. 

TikTok user @kenzdoestherapy who works as a therapist from 9 am-5 pm takes advantage of remote working as it is an ideal option for her — a single mother who has to drop her children off at school in the mornings.

However, a company she used to be employed at did not understand her situation and demanded that she attend an important meeting one morning in person instead of via video conferencing. This ultimately led to Kenzie leaving her job. 


Kenzie, who describes herself as a “professional quitter,” explained the situation in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 635,000 times. “F–k that job,” she starts off. “I don’t know who needs to hear this today but f–k that job.” 



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She addresses that she had issues with an unnamed company she previously worked for after they scheduled a meeting that was beyond her availability and insisted that she come in person.


“The meeting’s an hour away, which will cost me $20 in gas,” she says. “I will be able to make, after dropping my kids at school, about 30 minutes of that meeting, meaning that I will get paid $8.” 

Kenzie adds that her company would not be paying her for travel time. Additionally, she would have to lose time with a client to make the meeting. The therapist asked her boss if she could attend the meeting over Zoom instead, figuring that it would be more practical. 

Unfortunately, they denied her the option of Zooming into the meeting. “I say, ‘cool, here’s my resignation,” Kenzie shares, revealing that she decided to leave the company. 

She argues that she was within her right to quit the job after they did not accommodate their employee’s needs.


“They don’t give a f–k about me, they don’t give a f–k about you, they give a f–k about profits,” she claims. She also emphasizes the importance of advocating for yourself even if it costs you your job. “Aunt Kenzie says it’s okay, f–k that job!”

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Some TikTokers praised Kenzie’s actions and agreed with her statements. 

“We (the older generation) have a lot to learn from the younger generation(s). The hustle culture is exiting the building,” one user commented. 

“I had a job tell me once that everyone was replaceable. I replied ‘every job is also replaceable,’” another user shared. 


“I was once was a professional job quitter too! Preach it!!” another user wrote. 

“I treat a job exactly how they treat me,” another added. 

However, others pointed out that it was not that easy for some to quit their jobs when they felt disrespected by the company. 

“Most people don't quit their job because they're going to be homeless if they do,” one user wrote. 


“It’s not that easy for everyone. It was so hard to get a job that pays well, I can’t just go back to making half my current salary,” another user revealed. 

“Normalize quitting, but also normalize having something else lined up first,” another user noted. 

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