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Lip Reader Reveals What The Royal Family Were Whispering To Each Other At Queen's Jubilee Celebrations

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Royal family, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Louis

As Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations wind down, analysts are dissecting interactions between the Royals throughout the celebrations.

The monarchs had a busy weekend of festivities to commemorate 70 years of the Queen’s reign over the United Kingdom.

And thanks to many viral moments, particularly coming from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s youngest son, Prince Louis, we have plenty to look at.

A lip reader has revealed what the Royals were saying to each other during the Jubilee.

The ever-private family was seen chatting away on camera while appearing on Buckingham Palace’s balcony and during a church ceremony.

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But away from the reach of microphones, it has been left to a lip reader to decipher what may have been said.

Prince Harry reassured Meghan Markle as they joined a Jubilee church service.

Appearing alongside his family for the first time in two years, Prince Harry appeared to get words of encouragement from his wife while entering St. Paul’s Catherdral for a church service.

A lip reader claimed Meghan told Harry, “Yeah will be fine” during the ceremony.

The couple did not appear to interact much with Prince William or Kate Middleton.

Prince William and Kate were pleased with the service.

As they exited down the church steps, a lip reader claims the couple expressed their enjoyment.

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Kate remarked on the service saying: "It went very well, very well" with William replying: "Yes, perfect."

Prince Louis’ question for the Queen.

The star of the weekend was, of course, Prince Louis who has provided plenty of entertainment with his joking behavior and animated tantrums.

One adorable moment was when we watched as he spoke to his great-grandmother during an RAF flypast that ended with a display by Red Arrow planes.

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A royal lip reader claims that Louis asked the Queen, "Are the Red Arrows coming?" To which the Queen replied: "I hope so."

When the Red Arrows arrived and painted the sky red, white and blue, Louis' reportedly excitedly cried: "Yes yes yes."

There Queen then said: "There it is" before Louis added: "Oh Red Arrows - whoah."

Princess Charlotte kept Prince George in check.

The second of Will and Kate’s children seemed to be doing a good job of making sure her brothers followed Royal protocol during the celebrations.

During the Queen’s second appearance on the balcony, Charlotte was seen subtly reminding George to keep his hands by his side after he put his arms on the railing briefly.

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