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Stay-At-Home Mom With A Full-Time Nanny Shares What She Does All Day & Why She Needs Help While Her Husband Works

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Being a mother is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Between lack of sleep, financial strain, and balancing time between caring for the kids and maintaining the house, there is little time mothers have for themselves, even the ones who are full-time stay-at-home parents. 

Every mother could benefit from an extra set of hands to assist them with their endless responsibilities. One mother on TikTok even decided to hire a full-time nanny so that she can balance her personal life and motherhood. Some people have questioned the need for a nanny since the woman is also a stay-at-home mother. However, she claims that it is the “perfect” decision for her family and reveals that having a nanny actually makes her a better mother.

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The stay-at-home mother needs help from a nanny while her husband is at work. 

Jen Miller is a mother of a two-year-old daughter and is pregnant with her first son. Although she calls herself a “stay-at-home mom,” she actually works part-time remotely (some would refer to her as a “work-from-home mom” instead). Therefore, she needs some assistance during the day when it comes to looking after her toddler so that she could maintain her work while her husband is at work outside the home. 

Not only does Miller work part-time, but she also works out and manages the household. She has had her own business for seven years, although has decided for the time being to take some time off to focus on some other projects.

“My husband runs his own start-up, which means he works long hours and puts in work seven days a week,” Miller shares in a TikTok video. She adds that she and her husband do not have any family nearby them in Austin, Texas.

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Since there are only so many hours in the day and she still wants to spend quality time with her daughter, a full-time nanny has made it possible for her family.

“You might be wondering why we need full-time help if I’m home every day, and here’s the rationale why: when we had our daughter, my husband and I decided that at least for now his responsibility would be taking care of the finances and mine would be taking care of everything else for our family,” Miller explains. 

In the video, the mother documents what her days look like with a full-time nanny. Her nanny is at her home from 8 AM to 4 PM every Monday through Friday. However, Miller’s day begins long before that. “I’m up at 5 AM every morning to get my workout in before our daughter wakes up,” she says. “I spend the mornings with her until our nanny arrives at 8 AM.” 

After the nanny arrives, Miller walks the dog and gets herself ready before heading into her at-home office to work at 9:30 AM. She utilizes project management software on her computer to stay on top of all her home projects.

“From daily to-dos to planning travel, managing our Airbnb, working on our shared side hustle, scheduling social and volunteer time to carving out time for errands, household, and creative organization,” Miller says of her packed daily schedule. 

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The arrangement allows Miller to be a more engaged mom. 

When the nanny leaves for the day, Miller is back on “mom duty.” She prepares and feeds her daughter dinner, gives her a bath, and puts her to bed. Afterward, Miller takes well-deserved time for herself to unwind and reset.

“Our nanny spends 40 hours a week with our daughter, but so do I,” she points out. “It’s a full-time job and having help lets me show up as the best mom I can be, with more patience, energy, and excitement for the time we spend together.” 

In the caption of her video, Miller acknowledges that every family is different, and the decision of having a full-time nanny is what works best for her own. Many TikTok users in the comments section agreed with the mother’s decision.

“You are a WORK from home mom, which (as a nanny) I love! Your baby can see you and see your hard work while also getting the proper care/attention she needs. You’re doing AMAZING!!” one user commented.

“Even if you didn’t have a business I’d understand needing a nanny as a stay-at-home mom. Mama needs a break/support too,” another user wrote. 

Not only does Miller’s nanny allow her to be a better mother at home, but she also provides much-needed support while the family is traveling so that she could spend even more time with her daughter. Since Miller works remotely, she is able to travel often, taking her nanny and daughter along with her. 

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“She usually takes the morning shift so that in the afternoon I’m free to enjoy spending time with my daughter,” Miller says. “It has honestly become the perfect balance for our family.” 

Whether you’re a working parent or not, taking care of children round the clock is exhausting and can result in parental burnout — which 66% of parents report suffering, per a study conducted by Ohio State University. It is crucial for parents to utilize help when needed so that they are mentally and physically well-rested and can be the best parents they possibly can be. 

Overall, taking breaks from childcare and receiving help from a nanny is not only beneficial for parents but also for the entire family. It supports their mental well-being, enhances their ability to care for their children, strengthens relationships, and promotes a healthy work-life balance. By valuing self-care and recognizing the importance of taking breaks, parents can maintain their overall happiness and resilience in their parenting journey.

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