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'Stay-At-Home Girlfriends' Without Kids Are Sharing What They Do All Day & They’re Getting Mixed Reactions

Photo: TikTok
Women sharing their days as stay-at-home girlfriends

We've heard of stay-at-home moms, maybe even stay-at-home daughters but get ready for TikToks latest fascination.

Women on the app are showcasing a day in their lives of doing nothing but caring for their partners.

TikTok's 'stay-at-home-girlfriends' are showing off how they fill their days while their boyfriends work

Kendel Kay, a TikToker shared a video that included short clips about her day from the moment she got up in the morning while explaining everything in a voiceover.

“I first did my skincare routine, then I did some ice-rolling and some journaling and I made the bed,” she said.

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Kay then went out for a while with her boyfriend, Luke, to grab some lattes before coming back home.

“We came home and I made myself a matcha latte and checked some emails, replied to some texts,” Kay explained.

“Then I went for a walk to my Pilates studio and made myself some breakfast, then I did a lot of laundry folding.”

She then got dressed to go out in the evening and took Luke to his gym.

After coming home, she got something to snack on while getting ready to go out with Luke.

“Then I got ready, put my shoes on, saw a butterfly and then we stopped at this cute wine store, got a cute bouquet of flowers, then went to my dad’s to celebrate his birthday,” Kay added.

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Another woman, Helen, also shared a similar TikTok video while detailing a day in her life.

“This is another day in my life as a 25-year-old stay-at-home girlfriend,” Helen said.

Similar to Kay, Helen included short clips of her day while explaining everything in a voiceover.



“I start off my day by waking up at around noon. I tidy up the place to make sure it’s nice and clean for my boyfriend to come home to because when he’s in a good mood, I’m also in a good mood,” Helen explained.

She then tidied up her entire apartment and explained her skincare routine.

Helen continued, saying “Then I thought it would be nice to take myself out on a date because I was craving some noodles, then I went to Starbucks because it is literally in my job description to spend his money.”

She then chilled around and waited for her boyfriend to come back home from work.

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A woman named Gill posted a video mocking the trend.

“One of the very first things I do, after I put my dress on, is I will open up the shades and let the light stream in from the outside world,” the TikToker said.

Then she checked the front door claiming that her boyfriend locked the front door from the outside and hoped that he would forget to lock it that day.

She joked, “Then I’ll practice the conversation I’d have with my mom if I were to see her again…finally for the next few hours or minutes, I have no way of keeping time, I’ll gaze out the window.”



Many TikToker users were also surprised by this trend.

One user wrote, “What is a stay-at-home girlfriend?? Like is it a fancy way of saying I’m unemployed??”

Many others envied the women and claimed they wanted such a lifestyle too.

Another user wrote, “I want to say something snarky but at the same time I know this is the life I dream of.”

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