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Housewife Advocating For More Women To Stay At Home With Her ‘Empowering’ Online Course Faces Backlash

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Lamar Willis, Tiffany Willis

A woman from Southfield, Michigan, named Tiffany Willis has spent years of her life working the same 24-hour job without pay and has received backlash from other women and even some men for it — that job is being a stay-at-home wife.

Willis is a housewife, and a proud one at that, but many people online have claimed that her role in her marriage to her husband of six years is actually setting women back from all of the progress they’ve made.

Tiffany Willis started an online course called ‘The Wifestyle Academy’ to teach women to be housewives.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Willis believes that more women should be housewives and wants to teach them how to do it through her six-week “Feminine But Firm: Setting Boundaries Like a Lady” online course.

“It just bugs me when women don't feel empowered to advocate for themselves,” she says.

“And contrary to one’s belief, housewifery gives a woman the power to really advocate for themselves. But they have to see themselves as valuable first, and then they have to protect that value.”

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She believes that, instead of setting women back through decades of progress, she’s actually propping them up and allowing them the opportunity to tap into their "feminine energy.”

Willis does understand, however, that the life of a housewife might not be for everyone, but she does believe that it could help all women find their voice as she did with her husband of six years.

Every morning, she wakes up at 5:30 and 6 AM to get started with her day.

Willis and her husband Lamar Willis don’t share any children together, and although they’ve been trying, they haven’t been quite so lucky yet — not that it matters.

Tiffany claims that when the time comes, nothing would change and she would remain working as a housewife in order to take care of the child.

In the meantime, she spends her time in the morning catering to Lamar’s every need, hanging out with him, and helping him “operate” before he heads off to work.

She prepares his lunch the night before and lays out the clothes he’ll wear the next day, and when he’s gone, she gets started on her “chores” that she’ll have finished by 2 PM.

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After that, she prepares the home for Lamar’s re-entry when he gets off work.

“Either I’m baking something for him, or filling our home with some sort of good scent for him to come home to,” she said.



She claims that the routine allows her to take her power back and advocate for herself and her needs — including her needs in the bedroom.

“Advocating for sexual needs is huge,” she says. “Empowering women to have a voice in their sexual likes and dislikes reduces the chances she will become a victim to what is supposed to be enjoyable for both parties.”

Although the role of a housewife or a stay-at-home mother has become outdated and is now widely seen as a misogynist tradition, Tiffany claims that there are ways to perform them while maintaining feminism and power.

“I became a housewife to simply take my power back,” she said.

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