Son Heals His Mom's Inner Child By Gifting Her Dolls She Always Wanted When She Was Younger

Everyone has their own 'inner child' that never goes away, no matter how old you are.

son heals his mother's inner child by gifting her the dolls @goodnews_movement / Instagram

From the moment of our birth until the very day we become full-fledged adults, many of us have had a pair or two of watchful eyes following us throughout our lives, from the little mishaps to the memorable victories. 

These eyes belong to no one other than our parents, and they have seen it all (sometimes a little more than they’d like). And, in turn, they have endured it all right beside us.

That’s why, every once in a while, it’s important to show our appreciation to those who nurtured us into the people we are today. 


A son gifted his mother the dolls she always dreamed of having as a child.

In a video uploaded from the Good News Movement on Instagram (@goodnews_movement), a teary-eyed mother shared her reaction after receiving her birthday present gifted by her son, and the touching scene has left the hearts of many viewers swelling with emotions.

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The sentimental clip shows the mother unwrapping a set of matchbox dolls that she always dreamed of owning ever since she was a child herself.


Neatly tucked inside matchboxes, these pocket-sized dolls had been the key to healing this mother’s “inner child” as she delicately lines them up with pure admiration. 

son gifts his mother the dolls she always wanted as a childPhoto: Instagram / @goodnews_movement

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Naturally, the son’s thoughtful gesture received plenty of love and attention online.

Accruing over 50,000 likes, the video earned an outpour of emotional reactions from online users. One person kindly wrote, “I love watching an inner child heal. The way she lined them up and patted each one. Lovely.”

Others who stumbled across the post took it as a sign to fulfill their own inner child’s wishes. “I should really get myself that puppy I never got as a kid!” read another comment, “This video was the sign I needed.” 

A third user recalled, “When my daughters were gifted a doll house, I spent hours decorating it and playing with [them]. It was therapy in hindsight. It made me so very happy.” 

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Many people believe that everyone has their own ‘inner child’ that never goes away.

As shown in the video, no matter how old we are, some believe that everyone has what is called an “inner child.” This can be defined by the perennial connection our adult selves have with the memories, beliefs, and emotions of our childhood selves.

Therefore, when we “heal” our inner child, we are nurturing the needs and desires that weren’t fulfilled during our childhood. So, in a sense, we become our own parent.

Despite our varying childhood experiences, it is likely that we all have wounds from our youth, with some lasting longer than others. Be that as it may, it’s never too late to tend to them.


Thanks to her son’s incredibly thoughtful birthday gift, this mother may finally be able to soothe the inner child lingering in her own heart. 

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