Single Mom Documents Life In A 'Mommune' — A Commune Of Moms Supporting Each Other

Single mothers unite!

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There’s no denying that being a mother is hard work, but it’s even harder to be a single mother and the only parent to your child.

Balancing work, a personal life, mental health, and parenting, all to make sure your child gets the best that life has to offer can be insanely difficult for one woman, which is why Kristin Batykefer decided not to go it alone.

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Kristin Batykefer is part of a ‘mommune’ where mothers help parent their children together.

A TikTok video posted on December 19, 2022, shows Batykefer struggling with a sickness — something that would be a nightmare for any single mother.

However, she has nothing to worry about as her text box reads “When you’re sick af but live in a Mommune so you get treated like this…”



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A text message she received from a woman in her "mommune" reads “your cookies are done,” showing that her fellow mom made her favorite cookies from scratch for her while she was sick.

But that’s not all, she also got a home-cooked meal for dinner and got the load of her kids taken off her as someone else took them to the park so she could rest.

The caption of her video reads “Shoulda moved into a Mommune a long time ago. Support system like no other” as she ends the video saying “This is your sign to move into a Mommune.”

Previous videos on Batykefer’s account explain the difficult year she’s had.

The “mommune” video isn’t the only viral video Batykefer has on her account.


She had previously gone viral for a video explaining how she still hasn’t felt a change in her workload despite becoming single, implying that her husband never carried any weight in their relationship.

Another one of her videos explained the year that she’s had, from finding out her husband had been cheating on her with her friend to moving out and filing for divorce.

Since then, she’s set off on completing her divorce “bucket list,” which might be part of the reason she joined the mommune in the first place.

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Her mommune video has gotten attention from mothers all over the internet.

The video has been viewed nearly 400,000 times and has brought the jealousy of dozens of mothers to the comments section, with some joking about how they would now leave their husbands behind to join one of these “mommunes.”


“Do I have to leave my husband at the firehouse or something?” one mother wrote.

“I’m married and don’t have kids yet but my husband will be fine. I wanna live in a mommune,” wrote another woman.

“So is this an application process similar to college or a sorority [sic] rush situation? Just need to know which resume to submit,” wrote a third.


But in all seriousness, several women praised the idea and genuinely believed that this was something that should be more common for women who might really need it.

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