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Woman Wrote Song For Her Boyfriend's 'Amazing' Single Mom 'That's The Nicest Thing Anyone's Ever Said'

Photo: Instagram, TikTok
Carly Rose, single mom crying

Knowing that being a mom can be a thankless job, one woman decided to honor her boyfriend's single mother by writing her a song.

Carly Rose Sonenclar is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame after placing second in a 2012 season of X Factor, losing out to Tate Stevens. The 23-year-old is now dating a fellow musician, Hugo Basclain, whose mom inspired Sonenclar's next release.

Carly Rose shared the song she wrote about her boyfriend's mom and her reaction.

In a now-viral TikTok, Sonenclar recorded the intimate moment that captured the "amazing" woman who raised Basclain hearing the song for their first time.

“I wrote this song for my boyfriend’s amazing single mom and her reaction at the end is priceless,” Sonenclar wrote atop the video.

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She recorded her boyfriend’s mom doing dishes as she played the song aloud. Her powerful voice fills the room along with a soft piano tune in the background of the emotional song.

“You gave him your heart. You got it all right,” she sang in the prerecorded song. “I know it was hard, but he turns my gray skies blue.” 

The word “blue” drags out in the song before transitioning to the last line in the sample. And when it played, she captured a touching moment when her boyfriend’s mother realized that the song was about her.

“And he’s all because of you,” she sang.

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As the track ends, the mother turns around and looks at Sonenclar, sniffling. The video cuts, and she’s no longer doing the dishes. Instead, she’s tearing up and staring out the kitchen window. “That’s the nicest thing anybody’s ever said,” she said, wiping her tears with her dress. “I love her so much,” Sonenclar wrote atop the video.

“Sorry, I’m ugly crying. Stop it!” she exclaimed, telling Sonenclar to stop recording. “This one’s for all the single moms out there,” Sonenclar captioned the video.

It's no secret that single parents struggle with the burden of raising kids more than parents who have a partner. According to Pew Research, 27% of solo parents live in poverty compared to just 16% of cohabitating parents. Aside from the financial strain, the emotional toll of raising a child or children alone can be even more cumbersome. 

Sonenclar's song is a rare moment for a single mom, and others watching the video, to know that she is valued, loved and her efforts don't go unnoticed. And commenters on the video certainly felt that love too.

“If this relationship doesn’t work out, that woman is going to compare EVERY woman to you because you made her feel so seen,” one person wrote. “Her feeling seen was the goal, so thank [yo]u for acknowledging that,” Sonenclar replied.

Many more people asked for it to be released and where they could stream the song. She said that she plans to finish it soon. Sonenclar is calling the song “Polly,” named after the mother.

In a follow-up video, she shares the original sample—not played through a speaker.

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“I think I just wrote the perfect song to send to your mother-in-law,” she writes in the video. She lip-syncs the words as the song plays. 

“I’ll have to send this to my mother-in-law,” one person commented. “She raised 3 beautiful children on her own and did amazing!”

Currently, she hasn’t announced a release date for the song. Hopefully, it drops soon so people can share it with their mothers-in-law to make them feel as appreciated as Sonenclar made her boyfriend’s mother.

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