Server Says Table Refused To Tip Despite Praising Her Service — 'Your Verbal Tip Doesn't Pay My Bills'

Always tip your servers!

Alyssa, server taking table's order TikTok, Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

A server has a message for people who go out to restaurants and refuse to leave a tip.

In a TikTok video, Alyssa, who works as a restaurant server in Canada, criticized people who go out to eat and enjoy the service from the person serving them, but when it comes time to tip, choose not to leave anything other than their verbal praise.

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Alyssa explained that customers apologized to her face for not tipping even though they enjoyed her service.

"Last night, I was serving this group of people and they came in, ordered beers, appetizers, drinks, the whole nine yards," Alyssa began in her video. When it came time for their bills, the table requested separate checks, and Alyssa put all the drinks on one tab and the food on the other with no problem.

However, as Alyssa was handing them their checks and billing them out, she noticed that none of the patrons were leaving her a tip. "I had to give them the benefit of the doubt," she added, thinking they would probably leave cash instead.




Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, and when she got their signed checks, she noticed there was no tip at all, in cash or otherwise. When one of the last customers went to pay, he pulled Alyssa aside and complimented her on how good her service had been with them.

"The last guy goes to pay and he says, 'Thank you so much, your service was amazing. We had a great time. I feel so bad that we can't tip you,' and I said, 'Sir, what do you mean?'" Alyssa recalled. The man told her they didn't tip because none of them had any cash to use.

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Politely, Alyssa told him that the restaurant had an ATM next to the bathroom where he was welcome to take out cash and tip her since they felt her service was so impeccable. "I don't think people understand that in the industry, we pay to serve you if you do not tip us."

"I am tipping out on all of your food, and all of your drinks to the kitchen and the bar," Alyssa pointed out. "Your verbal tip does not pay for my bills, and I don't think people realize that."

In the comments section, people shared Alyssa's frustrations with customers not leaving tips.

"I would appreciate even a 5% tip honestly. Just anything to cover the tip percentage we give to the kitchen and bar," one TikTok user wrote.

Another user added, "People will say tipping isn’t mandatory but do [you] tip your hairstylist and nail tech? Same concept, different occupation. You’re getting a service!"


"You’re providing them with service you should be tipped for that. If [you] don’t want to pay for the service then make it yourself," a third user chimed in.

When people tip, they are acknowledging the hard work and skill it takes for a server to do their job. The restaurant industry also survives on their employees receiving tips, and by giving servers tips, they can be financially stable and provide for themselves and their families.

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