Customer Sends DoorDasher $20 Tip After He Gets Stuck In Elevator — 'Had To Call 911 Because He Was Sus Of Authorities'

The DoorDash driver was freaking out after finding himself stuck in the elevator after dropping off a food order.

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A DoorDash delivery driver was given a rather large tip after they found themselves in a bit of a predicament while bringing a customer their food.

A DoorDash customer shared a text conversation they had with their food delivery driver to the subreddit r/doordash once their order was dropped off and the driver was trying to leave. Unfortunately, the DoorDash driver found themselves in a bit of a sticky situation.


The customer tipped their DoorDash driver $20 after he got stuck in the elevator.

In a screenshot of the messages between the customer and their Dasher, Brock, the delivery driver had dropped off their order and was leaving, when he found himself stuck in the customer's building's elevator.

"The elevator is stuck..." the conversation begins. When the customer asked if Brock was stuck in the elevator, he confirmed that he was and that he had no idea what to do about the unexpected incident. 

customer tips doordash driver after he gets stuck in elevatorPhoto: Reddit


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"Push the red button," the customer told him, referring to the emergency phone or help button on the elevator panel, which would alert either security in the building or 911 themselves about him being stuck in the elevator.

However, Brock had tried pressing the emergency button on the panel, and despite it saying that the button should flash red, nothing happened when he pressed it. "You might need to call the non-emergency hotline," the customer informed him.

"Let me see .... [yeah], I don't like this ..." Brock replied, clearly feeling uneasy about the entire incident. The customer explained that they had to call 911 for their DoorDash driver because he was apparently "suspicious of authority."


"My roommate got his Cash App and slid him $20. Before I called authorities I heard him jumping up and down which is a horrible idea he was like saying, 'Hello, help' and even 'I'm stuck in the elevator,'" the Reddit user added.

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In the comments section, people shared their amusement over the entire debacle.

"This is why I meet my dasher [on] the street so they don’t have to potentially deal with this," one Reddit user shared.

Another user added, "Damn poor guy! That sh-t is like my worst nightmare and why I always take [the] stairs."


However, other people used the opportunity to voice how similar experiences had either happened when they were delivering food or to their own delivery driver.

A third person chimed in, "That happened to me after I accepted a non-tip order because I was having a great day and thought I'd do that [person] a favor. I was stuck for 10 minutes and the elevator people were giving me attitude about it too."

"This happened to us once. It took an hour and a half to get him out. We encouraged him to eat our pizza and share it with the other person on the elevator and we gave him a $40 tip in cash when he got out to hopefully make up for time lost," a fourth user wrote.


While the DoorDash driver eventually managed to get out of the elevator safely, he was definitely compensated fairly for the unexpected mess he found himself in.

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