Fans Believe Ryan Reynolds Is A Time Traveler After Spotting Him In A Photo From The 1800s

Did he travel back in time to play for the team he now owns?

A photo of Ryan Reynolds is next to a photo of a 19th century Wrexham FC squad. Tinseltown via Shutterstock / @Wrexham_AFC via Twitter

Ryan Reynolds has always been a bit of a vampire. Now at 46 years old, fans have continued to praise him for his ageless looks, in addition to his captivating acting. Now, a photo from the 1800s has fans wondering if he's actually a time traveler.

After spotting him in a photo from the 1800s, fans believe Ryan Reynolds is a time traveler.

A photograph from 1878 has surfaced and fans have pointed out a familiar face in the frame. The 'Deadpool' actor hasn't chimed in on this amusing find (yet), but his lack of comment hasn't deterred fans.


Initially shared by Wrexham FC's official Twitter account, the picture commemorates the team's victory over the now-defunct Welsh soccer team Druids FC in a cup final. A face stands out amidst the crowd in the black and white grainy photo. In the left-hand corner of the frame, a man shares a remarkable likeness to Ryan Reynolds, right down to his signature style.


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ryan reynolds time traveler photo wrexham teamPhoto: @Wrexham_AFC via Twitter

A century-old photograph featuring a man who could pass as Reynolds' doppelganger? The fans were quick to stoke the fire, especially since Ryan Reynolds coincidentally now co-owns Wrexham FC with 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' star Rob McElhenney.


However, there's no evidence of Welsh ancestry in Reynolds' lineage.

The actor's family roots trace back to Scotland and Ireland, making the connection to an old Welsh soccer photograph all the more unlikely — and amusing. The timing of the photo's circulation adds another layer to this humorous speculation, given its emergence in the same month Reynolds was seen playing a time-traveler in Netflix's 'The Adam Project.'

Though, the timeliness hasn't stopped fans from asserting differing theories as to how a man that shares Reynolds' likeness could have been in a photo from almost 150 years ago. One fan labeled Reynolds as 'the ultimate time traveler,' with another suggesting the photograph depicted the actor's 'previous life.'

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The speculation took an even more hilarious turn when some fans claimed to recognize other comic book actors in the historical photo. 

"Dude, is that Tom Holland behind you? With Ben Affleck to the right of him? Woah," one person wrote. 


Another fan even managed to tie in Reynolds' playful rivalry with Hugh Jackman. The feud started in 2009 on the 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' set when Reynolds told Jackman to manage his behavior around his then-wife, Scarlett Johannson. It eventually culminated in a viral campaign where both actors made adverts for their respective brands. But this Wrexham fan seems to think that their friendship started over a century earlier than we initially thought. They pointed to a man sporting similar facial hair, who bares a resemblance to 'The Wolverine' star. 

"But it is Wolverine in the middle, right @VancityReynolds?" they wrote.

However, before this light-hearted conspiracy theory gained too much momentum, a Wrexham fan stepped forward to identify the mysterious man, sharing an interesting piece of soccer history. Addressing Reynolds, the fan clarified, "@VancityReynolds this chap is John Price, born 1854. Welsh international, who played in that iconic 1st home Welsh international match against Scotland in 1877."


After all, who wouldn't enjoy the mental image of our favorite 'Deadpool' actor popping up in different historical periods, making his mark on history, one soccer game at a time?

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