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Bride Left Devastated By Groom's Reasons For Not Wanting Her Dad To Walk Her Down The Aisle

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Bride and her dad walking down the aisle

After having a huge fight, one bride called her groom "selfish" because he won’t let her dad walk her down the aisle at the wedding.

All daughters would want their father to walk them down the aisle on their big day and cherish it as a special memory.

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So, it’s understandable that the bride fought about it with her groom when he didn’t want her dad to give her away.

However, she thought that she may have gone a bit far so she went to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” thread to ask internet users for their opinions and thoughts.

The groom doesn’t want the bride’s dad to walk her down the aisle because he doesn’t get along with him.

The bride expressed that she has a great relationship with her dad and respected him a lot.

Being a single dad, he worked hard and provided for his two daughters. 

The groom never gets to see that side of him and shares conflicting thoughts and opinions with him. 

For example, my fiance one time suggested to my dad to sell the truck he has because it's been sitting there for years,” the bride wrote.

“My dad got offended because this is my grandfather's truck and he has no [money] to get it fixed.” 

There have been similar arguments where both of them have had different opinions on the same situation.

One recent argument the both of them had was about the wedding.

“Their recent disagreement was when my dad refused to give my fiance money to contribute to the wedding. My fiance complained but I said that my dad isn't obligated to pay for the wedding,” the bride explained.

After that, the groom stated that the bride should find someone else to walk her down the aisle.

The bride asked for an explanation and the groom repeated the same thing that her dad isn’t helping with the wedding.

The bride added, “I got upset and argued that for one, my dad refused to contribute because he has no money, he can not [afford] to pay. And two, just like any bride I want my dad to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.”

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This led to a huge argument between the groom and the bride.

“He threw a fit saying that I was trying to ruin his mood and get him upset on our wedding day but I called him selfish for [wanting] to take away the moment I always dreamed of,” the woman added.

The bride felt that it was unfair of the groom to ask her for such a big change in the wedding and left the fight that way.

Redditors let the bride know that she wasn’t wrong.

“Just wondering though if you’re so close to your dad, why are you marrying someone who so clearly doesn’t respect him?" one user wrote.

"He doesn’t have to be best friends with the guy, but some common decency is the bare minimum when you (and by extension your family) will be tied to this man for life.”

“What do you think the chances are that as soon as she’s his wife he’ll expect her to not speak to her father because as a ‘good wife’ she’ll support her husband’s feelings above her own or her father’s,” another user wrote.

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