Mom Who Missed Grandchild's Birth To Attend Other Daughter's Wedding Sparks Debate

Is this favoritism?

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After her two daughters wanted her to be with them during important life moments, a mother chose to attend her daughter’s wedding rather than her other daughter giving birth. 

As a result, this situation has started a discussion online with people trying to determine who is in the wrong after the woman posted about it on Reddit’s “r/AmITheA--hole?” thread.

The woman tried to go to her grandchild’s birth after attending her other daughter’s wedding but still missed it. 

She explained that her two daughters, Nichole and Sophia, had important events around the same time.


Nichole was getting married while Sophia was pregnant and due a couple of days after the wedding.

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However, things changed when Sophia went into labor early and the woman had to make a decision.

“I missed Sophia's first call because I was already almost 2.5 hours away [from] where Nichole lives and helping set things up and doing last [minute] errands to help,” the woman wrote.

“When I called her back I found out she was in labor and she wanted me to get there as soon as possible.” 

After the woman told everything to Nichole, she was quite understanding and adjusted her wedding so her mother could go to Sophia soon.


The woman left immediately after the ceremony and let Sophia know that she would be there as soon as possible.

“I got to the hospital early the next afternoon and missed the birth by a couple of hours. Sophia was so mad she didn't want me to come in when she was moved to a room," the woman explained.

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The woman was expecting this as she had just missed her grandchild’s birth and thought to give Sophia some space and time to cool down.

But Sophia was still quite upset with her mother for weeks and won’t talk to her.

“I've talked to my son-in-law and he said they're both mad that I chose to ditch Sophia when she needed me most for a party," the woman added.


Redditors claimed that the woman wasn’t wrong and thought Sophia was being unreasonable.

One user wrote, “It’s not like you planned to attend one over the other. The baby came 3 weeks early. Your other daughter rescheduled her wedding (!!) in hopes of you making both work out.”

Another user wrote, “You did a heroic job trying to compromise to be there for both girls, and it's a tough choice…Not sure what else is going on, but Sophia is overreacting, and I'd just give her space.”

However, many people understood Sophia and why she reacted the way she did.

One person commented, “Sophia is going through a lot right now. Labor is terrifying and she is a ball of hormones right now."

"I would be devastated if my mom wasn't there for my labor and birth after planning on her being (though I probably wouldn't [be] mad at my mom).”


Another person wrote, “I understand Sophia is upset you couldn't be there for her giving birth, and that she's likely super hormonal because of being pregnant and giving birth, etc., but imo [in my opinion], neither of these events is more important than the other. They're both super important.”

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