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Police Seek Information On Woman Heard Screaming While Being Chased By A Vehicle In Chilling Video

Photo: Pasadena Police Department
Woman running and screaming while gray Ford Escape chases her

In Pasadena, Texas, one homeowner’s security camera captured a shocking video of a woman who was running for her life, screaming, as she was being chased by someone in a car.

Last Friday morning, Pasadena Police Sgt. Raul Granados said officers responded to a call and found nothing at the scene.

Pasadena police are now seeking information about the woman running from a vehicle in the video.

The video, shared by Pasadena Police, has been viewed tens of thousands of times and shows the incident that occurred just before 10 a.m. on Feb. 25 at Satsuma Park, located in the 1000 block of Satsuma Street.

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The security footage has a full view of the park and shows a woman running down the street to the right of the land.

She’s screaming and being chased by someone presumed to be a man inside of a gray Ford Escape.

After turning into the park and getting off the road — trying to shake off the pursuer — the car can later be seen barrelling across the park from an entrance that isn’t fenced off, just as the woman who is running away enters the forest to the left of the park.

Once she enters the wooded area, she’s out of the camera’s view and it’s impossible to tell what happened except you can still hear the woman let out a scream.

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The video came from a nearby resident's surveillance camera, and while the resident did not want to be identified, she spoke to KHOU 11 News about the incident that occurred outside her home.

“I can’t get the sound of her screams out of my head,” the camera owner said. “It was so horrible. To see her running and screaming ... you can tell she’s terrified trying to get away.”

The resident called the police moments after the woman's screams stopped.

“Once she goes into the wooded area you can hear her screaming again and you can faintly hear him telling her to get in the car,” she said.

Police never interviewed the caller and thus never saw the footage until Monday morning when they learned about the surveillance camera and reopened the investigation.

“We want to make sure that she’s OK first and foremost,” Granados said. “We heard the scream at the end. We don’t know if he hit her with a vehicle. We don’t know if she screamed because he stopped and put her in the vehicle.”

The police suspect that the woman is either a teenager or in her early twenties, but they are unsure whether or not the incident is a case of domestic violence, kidnapping, or something else entirely.

The Pasadena Police Department has been spreading the footage across all of their social media pages where others are also trying to help by sharing — imploring people to call their number at 713-475-4822 with any information about the woman or the driver in the vehicle.

The camera owner is among the people wishing that the woman in the video is okay, saying “I just want to make sure that she is safe and that her family is looking after her.”

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