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Man Gets Back At Cousin Who Stole His Girlfriend By Giving Vengeful Speech At Their Wedding

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Wedding speech

A man purposely crashed a wedding between his cousin and his ex-girlfriend.

The man posted the story on the subreddit, “r/TrueOffMyChest.” True to its name, the forum serves as a platform for users to get something off their chest when they need to.

He explained that the wedding crashing happened after he had caught his ex cheating on him with his cousin.

He begins his post by sharing what he thought of both his cousin and ex before the cheating. He says that he and his cousin were as close as brothers and that he planned to marry his then-girlfriend in the future.

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He says he came home from work early one night because a coworker offered to cover his shift. He returned home to find his girlfriend and cousin in bed together to the shock of all three.

They both tried to apologize multiple times, but he cut them both out of his life.

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Three years later, he receives a call from his cousin using a different number. His cousin, acting as if nothing happened between them, asks him to be the best man at the wedding with his former girlfriend. Enraged at his cousin for pretending nothing was wrong, he hung up after yelling and directing some swear words at his cousin.

A few days later, the idea for revenge came to him.

He texted his cousin back offering an apology and said “this could be an opportunity  for the three of us to heal and move past it.” The cousin accepted and offered to pay for anything he needed.

The wedding day came and with it came the time to give his speech in front of his and his ex's family.

He says he stumbled over his words, but it didn’t matter because of the catharsis he felt while saying it.

“I explained what these two horrible people had done to me,” he writes. “I called them the worst names I could think of and wished them the worst. Then I left.”

The venue was silent as he walked out.

He says he has gotten calls and texts from members of both families angry at him for ruining the night. His mother angrily called him on his way home and asked why he did it, to which he said that they deserved it after what he’s been through.

He ends the post by saying that he doesn’t know if this will make him feel better or not, but he at least made them feel some of what he has.

A later edit clarifies that most of the family did not know about his ex’s infidelity beforehand. He also provided a general script of his speech at the wedding.

Commenters commended the man for having the guts to go through with his plan.

“You sir deserve a drink,” a top comment wrote. “Hats off to you.”

Many also questioned what the cousin expected knowing what had happened in the past, and said that he should have seen something like this coming.

“It’s the fact that your cousin had the audacity to ask you to be the best man at his wedding with your ex that cheated on you WITH HIM,” another top comment wrote. “He’s a complete idiot if nothing else.”

Getting payback on someone who wronged you isn’t always the most logical course of action, especially in such a public way, but there’s no denying that it feels good in the moment.

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