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Mom Puts Her Baby In Kitchen Sink While She Cleans The House And People Are Dragging Her For It

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The parenting community loves to share their own takes and opinions when it comes to raising their children. 

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to how to best raise kids and, although it can be important to teach other good practices, sometimes it's best to let parents do their things even if you disagree.

That is likely the lesson to take from one debate waged against a mom on TikTok when she shared a video of how she gets things done while raising a baby.

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The mother shared that she places her baby in the kitchen sink while she cleans the kitchen. 

In a video with over 1 million views, mother and fitness influencer known as @theminiboss__ shared that she places her baby in the kitchen sink for a bath while she cleans the kitchen. 



“New moms: wash your baby in the sink so you can clean your kitchen while they can have sensory time,” she wrote in a text box over the video depicting herself emptying her dishwasher and putting silverware in the drawers. 

Her baby appears to be happy and content in the sink as he lies in a plastic bathtub with a cloth covering his body. 

“He loves kicking around!” his mother added. 

While the woman believed this to be a sensible parenting hack, many others disagreed. 

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TikTok users dragged the woman for her seemingly unsafe and unsanitary practice. 

Some users expressed concern about the baby being in the water when her eyes were not on him at all times. 

“As a third-time mom, there is a lot of multitasking I would encourage and I do. But we don’t mess with water like that,” one user shared. 

“Don’t ever look away from a baby in water omg,” another user commented. 

“So unsafe to take your eyes off bubs in water, even if only for a few seconds,” another user wrote. 

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Others were disgusted that the mother would bathe her baby in the same sink she uses to wash dishes. 

“After taking a microbiology class I avoid sink baths for littles. Way too much risk for bacteria even if you do keep it clean,” one user revealed. 

“I always find it weird when people do this and that’s why I don’t eat at everyone’s house lol,” another user commented. 

“What if the baby pees in the sink…and then you wash dishes in the same sink…,” another user pressed. 

The mother shared that such things have happened in a follow-up video. 

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As for those concerned about the baby’s safety, the woman assures viewers that she never takes her eyes off of the baby for more than a few seconds. 

“He’s in a very low amount of water and I’ve done many baths where I sit and stare, so I know he’s okay and I’m right next to him the whole time,” the woman commented in response to one user. 

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