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Parents Say They Were Banned From Events At Their Kids' School Because Their Social Media Posts Were A 'Harm To Kids'

Photo: TikTok
Jaymi Lynn, Joshua

Parents of children who attended a Christian school were shocked after learning they were being punished by the school because of their viewpoints.

In a TikTok video, Jaymi Lynn and Joshua, who are foster parents, explained that the Christian school their kids went to had taken severe action against them after they voiced their support for the LGTBQIA+ community.

They were banned from events at their kids' school because their social media posts were a 'harm to kids.'

In the video, which has boasted over 580,000 views, Lynn and her partner, Joshua, shared that their children had previously attended a conservative private Christian school.

The school their kids had gone to were known to have a "very strong stance on gender and sexuality," which was something that both Lynn and Joshua didn't agree with.

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On their respective social media accounts, the pair would often post their allyship with the LGTBQIA+ community, and that their "theology" in the area they live in has "drastically changed over the years."

"We don't believe that being gay is a sin," Lynn said. "Because we publicly posted on that, things at our kids' school changed."

Joshua had signed up to chaperone a field trip that their 7-year-old was supposed to take to a museum, and the day before the trip, the school contacted them and said he wasn't allowed to accompany the students on the trip.

"Parents complained about our public social media posts affirming the LGBTQ community."

Lynn tried to argue, pointing out that she and Joshua had spent years working with their local youth ministry as well as their social work helping out children, and that shouldn't be dismissed.

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When she asked if all of that now made them an "inherent harm to kids," the school said that it did.

Their children's school told Lynn and Joshua that they were no longer "welcome at events where there are kids present."

Lynn and Joshua didn't waste any time with their decision to pull their kids from that school.

After hearing that their kids' school was implementing a ban against them, Lynn and Joshua decided to pull their kids from the school altogether.

"We were trying to wait until the end of the school year just for transition purposes," Lynn said.

"But after the field trip happened and we were informed that we were no longer allowed at any school events where there were kids present, we really couldn't keep them there."

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Lynn and Joshua agreed that they didn't want their children attending a school where they, as parents, were not welcome.

However, on their children's last day, Lynn and Joshua decided to pull a "petty" move and sent cupcakes to the school.

"The last day of school we sent in cupcakes to celebrate," Lynn added, showing off the cupcakes that had rainbows and unicorns embedded in each one.

TikTok users praised Lynn and Joshua for setting a good example and removing their kids from the school.

"I hate to hear what you are dealing with but appreciate all of your support," one user wrote.

Another user added, "Your kids will thank you for being such great parents one day!"

"I think you guys are amazing and that’s awful you guys had to even change schools!" a third user chimed in.

A fourth user wrote, "Brilliant! Love the passive-aggressive cupcakes."

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