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Women Are Warning Each Other About Brock Turner After Alleged Sightings

Photo: Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office / TikTok
Brock Turner, TikTok post

Women in Ohio are warning each other to be aware that Brock Turner is out and about in the state after his high-profile 2016 sexual assault case.

Turner, who became known as the Stanford Rapist after sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the Stanford University campus in 2015, has found himself as a trending topic online once again.

Women in Dayton, Ohio are cautioning each other after learning Brock Turner is living in the area.

Women in the Dayton, Ohio area have claimed to see Turner at bars and other nightlife venues in recent weeks.

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A Facebook post warning women in the Kettering/Oakwood area of Ohio that Turner, now 27, has been spotted at bars in the area has gone viral and spawned other similar warnings from women in the area.

The posts are suggesting that women avoid Turner and inform employees of establishments he might frequent, as well as other female patrons who may be at risk.

Turner’s presence in the Ohio area is not new, however. As one TikToker from the area noted (and news reports, plus the sex offender registry confirmed), Turner has lived in Ohio, where he and his family originally resided before he went to college, for years.



Several witnesses have described seeing a “creepy” man who they say is Turner. 

Many have speculated Turner may have also recently moved out of his parents' house, prompting an update on his location in the sex offender registry and therefore bringing new awareness to his whereabouts.

Redditors in the area have added to the warnings, saying Turner is now going by his middle name, Allen, to distance himself from his past.

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They also claim Turner lives just a short bike ride from the University of Dayton and note his home is near a bike path that leads to and from the school.

All of these claims are unverified.

Thus far, there is no indication that Turner has broken any further laws or had any inappropriate interactions with anyone. 

What was Brock Turner convcited of?

The former Stanford University swimmer, then 19, was accused and ultimately convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious 22-year-old woman referred to in court documents as “Emily Doe.”

The incident occurred on campus in the early morning hours of January 18, 2015.

During the assault, two graduate students riding bikes on campus noticed Turner and the unconscious woman and confronted him.

While one student checked on the victim to see if she was breathing, the other chased Turner, who fled the scene. Both students had to hold him in place as a third bystander appeared and called authorities.

Court documents say that Turner’s victim was found “on the ground lying in a fetal position behind a garbage dumpster. She was breathing, but she was completely unresponsive." 

Brock Turner was convicted but served just 3 months in prison.

In March 2016, a jury found Turner guilty of all three felony counts he was charged with: assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated or unconscious person, sexual penetration of an intoxicated person, and sexual penetration of an unconscious person.

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Turner faced a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. The prosecution recommended a six-year sentence for Turner on the basis of three things.

Firstly, Turner was purposeful in his intentions. Second, he made attempts to hide what he had done and to escape the situation when confronted. Lastly, Turner was well aware of Emily Doe’s level of intoxication.

In June 2016, Turner was sentenced to six months in the Santa Clara County jail and three years of probation. He is required to register as a sex offender.

Turner only served three months of the six-month sentence, which was widely regarded as a miscarriage of justice.

The case gained national attention after Turner was found guilty, but before his sentencing. Emily Doe read the court a 7,244 word victim impact letter, which was later published by multiple news outlets, detailing what she remembered from the night of the attack.

Not only did she explain the events, but the tragic aftermath of how difficult moving on with her life after the attack was, from resuming normal activities to living through the lengthy and invasive legal process.

Many found the account a harrowing but too familiar description of what women have gone through for years as they’ve tried to recover from trauma while fighting for justice.

Who is Emily Doe?

Chanel Miller came forward as Emily Doe in 2019 after deciding to publish a memoir about her experience, titled “Know My Name.”

Writing the memoir was a three-year process for Miller as she delved into what her life was like at the time of the attack, the harrowing changes that occurred since, and her experiences navigating the fight for justice. 

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