NYC Woman Shares Letter She Sent Neighbor Begging To Remove 'Obnoxious' Wind Chimes That Keep Her Awake

"This is what no sleep does."

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A woman living in New York had no choice but to make a noise complaint against one of her neighbors, not for their constantly barking dog or loud parties, but for their windchimes. 

The woman claims that her neighbor’s “obnoxious” windchimes keep her from living peacefully. 

In a TikTok video that has accumulated over 2 million views, Talia Lichtstein, a New York City resident, expressed her detestation of a neighbor’s noisy wind chimes. 


“Before I get into this I want you guys to know that I was very tolerant and it took me a lot to get to this point,” Lichtstein addresses at the start of her video. 



She shares that for the past six months, she’s had to wear earplugs to sleep every night to block out the wind chimes. 


While Lichtstein acknowledges that she chose to live in a rather noisy city, she says she is “living in hell due to the windchime sounds. 

“I can’t work, I can’t watch TV peacefully, I can’t do anything, I can’t relax, I’m losing my mind,” Lichtstein vents to viewers. “I want you guys to know I tried before I got to this point.” 

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She decided to write an angry letter to her neighbors about their wind chimes, urging them to remove them. 

Lichtstein revealed the contents of her letter.

“Dear neighbor with wind chimes on the fire escape, you have chosen to live in a city where space between you and your neighbors is very tight,” the letter begins. 


“The many people in the apartments around you did not choose to hear wind chimes 24/7. Please consider removing them or at least taking them in at night so the rest of the block can sleep peacefully.” 

Lichtstein recommends that the neighbor listens to wind chime sounds on their phone in the privacy of their apartment to avoid disturbing other neighbors. 

“We would all be so grateful,” she adds. “Sincerely, the other people who share the street and the Earth with you."

To prove her determination of getting the letter across, Lichtstein puts on her coat and takes viewers along with her to paste the letter to the entrance of her apartment building with tape. 


“This is what no sleep does!” she says. “Listen., I know I’m not a perfect neighbor, I’m not. I would never be so inconsiderate as to assume because I like a certain noise, everyone in the neighborhood has to hear that noise all night.” 

As Lichtstein tapes the letter to the door, she has some final words for her neighbor with wind chimes. 

“You did this, you made me this. You made me a monster.” 

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Other TikTok users sympathized with Lichtstein. 

“I would quite literally sign a petition to outlaw wind chimes if someone wanted to get that going,” one user commented. 


“Wind chimes belong in an open prairie, a simple cottage amongst a forest, NOT in a city that is so STUPENDOUSLY OVER POPULATED. NY WIND IS NO JOKE,” another user shared. 

“You’re better than me, I would’ve lasted six minutes,” another user wrote. 

However, others disagreed with Lichtstein’s approach. 

“This would just make me put up more wind chimes,” one user revealed. 

“Maybe taking a softer approach would help them be more cooperative,” another user suggested. 


Lichtstein posted a follow-up video sharing the happy news that her neighbor removed the wind chimes. 



“I’m free from the shackles of the chimes!” she says. 

She urges those who like the sound of wind chimes to move to a rural area where they can enjoy them without disturbing others. 

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