Mom Says She & Her Husband Lost Their Jobs Because They Put Their Dog Down After He Bit Their Son

The choice raised many eyebrows.

Nikki Phillippi, Dan Phillippi, Logan Phillippi Instagram | YouTube

A mother revealed that she and her husband suffered damage to their career after they decided to euthanize their pet after their son was attacked.

In May 2021, YouTuber Nikki Phillippi received an influx of criticism and backlash after sharing that she and her husband, Dan, were no longer going to be keeping their dog.

Now, Phillippi revealed that she experienced the "craziest media cancellation" due to her and her husband's decision.


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Nikki Phillippi claims she was 'canceled' for putting their dog down after he bit their son.

In a comment under conservative commentator Candace Owens' YouTube video titled 'Should We Ban Pit Bulls,' Phillips seemingly agreed with the idea.

She wrote that she and her family were ostracized after putting down their bull terrier for biting their son, Logan.

"My family went through the CRAZIEST media cancellation almost 2 years ago for putting our 10.5 [year old] bull terrier after biting our son in the face," Phillippi wrote, according to a screenshot of the comment shared to Reddit.


She continued, saying that her family's lives were "threatened," and because of all the backlash, they lost "all of our jobs."

"It was insane and opened our eyes to the crazy amount of animal worship taking place in our culture."

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Phillippi and her husband came under fire for putting their dog Bowser down in 2021.

In May 2021, Phillippi and her husband uploaded a YouTube video where they revealed they'd chosen to euthanize their nine-year-old bull terrier, Bowser after he bit their one-year-old son.

In the video, the couple said they had attempted to find another home for Bowser, but were told after consulting with a humane society that rehoming their dog wouldn't be an option.


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Instead, euthanizing Bowser, who was not sick, in pain, or suffering from an incurable disease, was the only choice.

"For many many years, for most of his life, he was an extremely dangerous animal outside the walls of my house," Phillippi's husband, Dan, said. "He was definitely an outside animal that I had to keep inside."


They each claimed that Bowser was attacked as a puppy and, as a result, became aggressive.

"We could have put Bowser down a really, really long time ago, and several times, and have just been putting the day off," Dan added.

Their breaking point, though, was their dog biting their son in the face.

They explained that their son had previously hurt their dog's ear, and after another incident, Bowser bit the child's face.

Both Nikki and Dan decided to use a euthanasia service to have their dog put down at home, but before doing that, the couple decided to stage a "goodbye photoshoot" with Bowser, posting the now-deleted photos on social media.

"Bowser had an aggressive side that reared its ugly head a few times over the years… and recently he bit Logan," she wrote in the Instagram caption. 


"After a lot of counsel, we decided it was time for Bowser to pass peacefully on." 

Nikki and Dan received hordes of criticism for choosing to put down their dog instead of looking into rescue shelters or even working with a trainer who could help Bowser's aggressive behavior.

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