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Grandma Praised After Her Son Shares A Video Banging Her Door Because She Refused To Give Him Back His Kid

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Man on Ring camera, grandma with baby

When it comes to grandkids, our parents seem to obsess with them way more than they did us as children.

The beauty of being a grandparent is that you get to do all of the fun and cute things, and send the little bundle of joy home when you get tired of them.

A man named Derek Lipp recently took to TikTok to share a Ring camera video detailing what happened when he showed up to pick up his daughter after allowing his mom to watch her.

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Derek Lipp accused his mom of 'kidnapping' his daughter through the Ring camera.

The video started with his mother asking him, “What do you want?” through the camera’s speaker without opening her door.

Lipp screamed into the microphone loudly, “My baby! Open the d--n door!”

His mother asked him to come back later and he told her that she had kept the child since the morning of the prior day and that it was time for the baby to go home.

Apparently, the possessive grandmother was only supposed to babysit for three hours but decided she was enjoying her granddaughter’s company and wanted to keep her around longer.



She told her son, “Go find something fun to do. I promise to bring her back later.”

Out of curiosity, he asked his mother why she was not at work as expected and she responded, “I’m sick!”

That, of course, raised alarm for the panicked father and he told his mother that she should not have a six-month-old baby around her if she was not feeling well.

He demanded that she open the door once again.

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In a moment of hilarity, the calculating grandma replied 'You idiot! I’m not really sick. I called off!'

Frustrated, the distraught dad told his mother that he did appreciate her watching the baby but reminded her that she had no right to keep her without his permission — equating her actions to kidnapping.

His mother brushed off the accusation saying, “It’s not kidnapping. I’m her grandma. Normally, you always want me to keep her.”

She advised him to relax and again suggested he go find something to do.

The man let his mom know that there was no way he was leaving without the baby, prompting her to finally let him in.

Viewers were overwhelmingly touched by the woman’s love and admiration for her granddaughter.

One woman said, “It’s not kidnapping. I’m the grandma. Love it!”

Another person backed the grandmother up, telling her son, “Yeah you heard her go find something to do, it’s almost bath time.”

People also speculated that this was his first child based on his stress about getting her back.

One man asked, “Is that your first baby? ‘Cause after that you ask no questions when grandma takes ‘em.'”

Someone else agreed, posting, “If my mom told me to come back later… I’d be in my car before she finished her sentence.”

There were a few naysayers who thought the grandmother had no right to keep the baby longer than allowed, but most agreed that the best place for a child outside of their home is grandma’s house.

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